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  1. Interests 

What interests you? Are you interested in art, english, humanities, or something else? Do math and science interest you? Are you more interested in criminal justice or the medical field? These questions are a great start in figuring out a major. 

  1. What do you prioritize? 

This is a huge and important question to answer when you are trying to figure out what to do in college. Do you prioritize a huge salary? Or do you prioritize doing a career that makes you happy but has less of a salary?

  1. Environment 

What work environment do you want to work in? Are you an office person? Someone who needs to be moving constantly? Do you have to be outside in nature? 

  1. Recognizing This Is Not Forever 

Choosing a major and not enjoying it is not the end of the world!! You can always change majors, and some people even get careers that don’t even use a college degree. Just enjoy what you are studying in college! 

Sample Majors But NOT LIMITED TO:




Cinema-Television Media


Computer Science




Pre Med

Social Work



Secondary Education English major who loves coffee and criminal minds♡
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