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“Isn’t this a nice place?” I asked. She shrugged. 

“I haven’t gotten my food yet, so it’s a bit early to make judgements,” she replied in an unbiased tone. She seemed out of it. 

“What’s on your mind, Sky?” I questioned. She shrugged again. 

“A lot, to say the least.” 

“Wanna talk about it?” 

“Max, you told me a nice day out of the house. Not an interrogation.” Her cold eyes stared at me. 

“Okay,” I leaned back in my chair. “I’m sorry. But it’s hard for one to relax when their mind is racing.” I gazed at her eyes again. “And your mind is definitely racing.” 

“I just…it feels like we’re never gonna get our big break.” Sky shrugged once more and gazed at the signs above the cash registers. 

“Would you love to play in a place like this?” I nudged my head to the right, gesturing to the rustic coffee shop. It was totally her style; she just refused to admit it. 

“I wouldn’t mind it, anything to get the band out there.” Her icy blue eyes slowly wandered around the shop at all the dark brown and black furniture and brick walls. 

“Sky, we’ll get there eventually. Not every band becomes huge overnight. You even said it yourself.” 

“I know what I said, Max.” She looked at me again, her shoulders tensing up again. I hated it when she was tense. 

A darling brown haired waitress came over with two plates. “Who ordered the mushroom chowder?” I smiled and raised my hand as she placed the bowl in front of me. “And the club sandwich for you. Do you need anything else?” 

“No, we’re fine, thank you,” Sky responded, smiling her brilliant white smile. It was rare to see her smile nowadays. 

“You should smile more.” I made a remark while stirring my chowder. She shrugged once more. 

“I don’t know, I got nothing to smile about.” She picked up one half of the sandwich and took a bite. “This place isn’t bad.” 

“I told you you would like it. It’s just your style too. We should ask if we can play here.” Sky gave me her ‘You’re crazy’ look. 

“I don’t think that’s gonna work. They don’t have much space.” 

“Oh, come on,” I pestered. This was one battle I wasn’t going to lose. “What’s the worst they can say? No? It’s not gonna hurt to ask and at least get our name out there.” She looked around, then gazed out the window at the dreary street of mid afternoon, and sighed. 


Peyton Williams

Kutztown '20

Music education major who loves film score and writing stories of any kind! Ask me about my favorite piano piece and why I love green tea lemonade!