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Brace Yourself for Cold and Flu Season

It’s my last fall semester of my college career. Right now I am feeling mixed emotions about this being my last year. Part of me wants to just have fun and go nuts all the time, part of me wants to be serious and get good grades and prepare myself for the real world, but another part of me just wants to stay in bed all day because I have a cold.

How am I supposed to stay motivated in going to the gym every morning if I can barely get out of bed? How can I sit through boring lectures when my nose won’t stop running? How am I going to maintain my senior year social life if all I want to do is curl up in bed with a box of tissues and some hot tea? This sucks! I skipped two days of the gym this week because I can’t take a deep breath, let alone run 3 miles or squat more than my body weight. I was being really hard on myself because I skipped workouts. My professors kept telling me I should go home and get some rest and that they would catch me up later, but I have yet to skip a class. I still wanted to go out and drink at the bar. I felt like I would fall behind if I took a sick day or two.

Cold and flu season is quickly approaching whether we are ready or not. If you get caught feeling sick, take a day or two off. Everyone gets sick. Don’t feel bad about it, your professors will understand and you’re not going to get fat from skipping your workouts for a few days until you feel better. When you are sick, that means your immune system was not strong enough to fight off whatever germs are in your body. This means your body is telling you to slow down and rest up. Get yourself a box or tissues, cough drops, hot tea, and a good show on Netflix. Even though it’s college and you don’t want to miss out on everything going on, your body will thank you and you’ll be ready to get back on track once you are well rested. AND DON’T FORGET TO WASH YOUR HANDS!

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