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Now that my profile on this site has become more of a book recommendation account, I figured I would share a handful of books that my many hours on Tik Tok made me impulsively purchase over this past winter break. 

For starters, The Whisper Man by Alex North was one that caught my eye immediately. As we know, I’m an avid horror and mystery reader so this book was directly up my alley in that department. The book is about a man and his young son who move to a new town in order to get a new start on life after a tragic family loss. The problem being the town they decide to move into, is a town where children have gone missing at the hands of the whisper man. The entire novel is extremely suspenseful and is considered one of the top new thrillers from last year and the year before that when it was released. If you are someone who enjoys watching Criminal Minds and NCIS, this might be a good one to add to your reading list for 2021. 

After I finished The Whisper Man, I of course purchased the novel that quickly came after that, The Shadows. Which I won’t get into because I haven’t read it yet, but it’s based on the life of a minor character from the previous book and has also received phenomenal reviews. 

After Tik Tok made me buy those two books, I of course, spent many more hours on the app and came across another book that I had to get my hands on immediately. 

UnSheltered, a novel written by Barbara Kingsolver, was one that caught my eye just by the front cover, which had flowers and other botanicals all over it. This novel is a long one so it’s best to strap in for the ride ahead. It covers the stories of two separate families in two separate times. They live roughly the same lives of misfortune and doubt in the state of New Jersey. It’s a timely novel about the hardships of human condition and the real-world problems we all face and have faced in the past. If you’re a reader who enjoys real-life stories and characters that you can easily relate to, this ones for you. 

I’m sure throughout the school semester I’ll have more books to write about but for now these are the books that kept me pretty busy over winter break.

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