Books Tik Tok Made Me Buy: Part 2

  1. 1. Throne of Glass Series - Sarah J. Maas

    I’ve written about this series of books recently because of my slight obsession with them. Tik Tok introduced me to the first book of the series, Throne of Glass, and from there I began my journey of passionate reading and emotional attachments to characters in a book that I never thought I would feel. Even in my busy lifestyle of internship work, working at my part-time retail job, and even classes and homework, I still find time to squeeze in a few hours of reading this series. I’d like to say I typically finish a book in about a week, which is insane because they’re fairly large books. 

    The series follows the life of a trained, nineteen year old assassin, Celeana Sardothian. In her journeys of training, loving, and making allies within the tyrannically ruled kingdom of Adarlan, Fae warriors and magic, she seems to find her way out of previous darkness and make an esteemed name for herself as well as becoming a woman in the process.  If you’re a fan of romance, war, and magic I suggest buying the first book as soon as possible and getting started on your journey!

  2. 2. Court of Thorns and Roses - Sarah J. Maas

    This is yet another Sarah J. Maas series of books, which also include the life of magical fae beings and Faeries. The story follows the life of Feyre Archeron, a human huntress, after she murders a faerie. She comes to learn after the murder that eveyrthing she knows about the Fearie world is a lie. I believe this series is now becoming a Hulu series and I am beyond excited for it! Tik Tok has been throwing this series in my face lately and though I have yet to read the book, because I am finishing the Throne of Glass series, I am so pumped to read these novels.

  3. 3. Wicked Saints - Emily A. Duncan

    This is an author I have heard of before and she’s got quite the popular reputation. Among the same lines at Sarah J. Maas, Duncan focuses on the genre of fantasy fiction, fairy tale, and war fiction. Though it’s a young adult series it stems far from the cheesy romance novels that teenagers seem to throw themselves at (I was one of those teenagers). The one thing that really got me to buy this book is the Tik Tok video that came with it. It was a video explaining a handful of books with attractive main characters and I’m okay with the fact that that’s the main reasoning I purchased. 

    This novel revolves around the life of a girl who can speak to the gods, a prince, and other important characters who must band together in order to assassinate the king and save their kingdom. But, it’s a lot bloodier and dangerous than most fairy tales.

  4. 4. Ruthless Gods - Emily A. Duncan

    This novel is the continuation of Wicked Saints and it’s the sequel we all needed. It’s roughly the same sequence of events in the first book, with blood, horror, love, and war all intertwined with a touch of fallen gods and other grotesquely twisted fairy tale-type circumstances.