How’s it going so far, you ask? Welp my bills have bills, if that answers your question. To bring it all full circle, graduation is less than a month away and every decision ever needed is waiting for me at the door. It's been a stressful time these last couple of weeks and I know that I'm not the only senior in college feeling the weighted pressure. There have been plenty of tears, several panic attacks, and I can’t even count how many times I’ve just said fuck this. It's been an emotional time and I’m writing this article for multiple reasons: to release this negative energy, to let others going through this know that they aren’t alone, and finally to share what I've learned and how I coped with this experience.


So here are 3 ways I coped with my stress.


1.Vent to a friend or family member

At first I kept all my thoughts to myself. I didn't want to bother anyone because it seemed like everyone was having a tough time at the moment. But it got to a point where I couldn’t keep it in anymore. It was draining my spirit. My friends and family were more than willing to just let me vent. Your friends and family see you, you might think that you're hiding it well but trust me they notice, and because they love you they are happy to hear you voice your frustrations.


2. Listen to Music

Music! Second best thing in life. Food is first without question, but nothing good ever comes from stress eating. Listen to your favorite artist, blast some Beyoncé, look up new artist. If you’re into alternative hip hop/rap, I recommend you check out Smino.


3. Remember that it’s not permanent

Breathe… What you’re feeling is only temporary. You’re strong enough to make it through, you got this.

Sigh... I miss this man.