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5 Ways to Spend Spring Break When There Is Snow on the Ground

When people think of spring break, somewhere hot usually comes to mind. College students flock to the coasts all around the country, looking for a great time in the sun. But, the beach is not the only way to spend a week free from classes and schoolwork. For many, spring break is spent in hometowns, where snow is likely still on the ground. Here are 5 ways to spend spring break when the white on the ground is snow, not sand.

Day Trip to a Nearby City

            Cities are a great place to explore. So many different and interesting people and places make up these cities. It does not matter if it is a huge city like New York City or a smaller one close to home, the adventuring is guaranteed to bring some fun to the day. Gather a couple of friends and pile into a car. A few hours’ drive is the only thing separating you from an exciting, and inexpensive, day of exploring.

Go on a Shopping Spree

            A shopping day is a day that can be filled with absolutely anything. Go with your hometown friends and catch up over a new pair of shoes or go alone and buy all the things that piled up on your shopping list during the semester. Whether you bounce from store to store or stay in the mall all day, the day is sure to be filled with new things and a productive sense of mind, no matter how much of your Christmas money you drop on a pair of jeans.

Go to the Movies

            Odds are, multiple movies have hit the theaters while you were away at school, and you did not have the time to see them all. Put on your most comfortable clothes, bring a fluffy blanket, buy lots of buttery popcorn and enjoy. Buy one ticket, or two, or three, and get lost in the world of the movies.  

Binge-Watch, A Lot

            This has got to be the easiest, most stress-free way to spend spring break: binge-watching. Between the various streaming services that we all have been blessed with, there is a never-ending supply of something to watch. Make it a challenge! See how many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy you are able to watch before you head back to school. Start a new series with one of your family members; they probably missed you and would completely enjoy the quality time.

Give Back to Your Hometown Community

            Your hometown raised you, and what better way to show your appreciation than giving back. Go and visit your high school teachers. They want to hear about how college is going; and, of course, let them know how well they prepared you for college. Visit your local library and see if they need any help for the day. Visit your neighbors—the ones that watched you grow up in front of their eyes—and see if they need any help around the house. Shop local at your town’s small businesses. Appreciate all that your town has to offer, no matter how big or small, before heading back to school and finishing off the spring semester. 

Courtney Morstatt is a Professional Writing student at Kutztown University. 
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