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Before working at my local library, I rarely stepped foot in it. I was always one who preferred to buy my books instead of borrowing them. Once I began working at my library, I rediscovered why I was so fond of it during my childhood. Libraries aren’t just for borrowing books. They serve a different purpose for each individual who visits them. The services they provide help shape not only the community but also each individual who utilizes them. Due to the pandemic, many libraries find themselves suffering, but there are alternatives to accessing them, and due to this we have to remember why libraries are amazing and still worth having.

Access to free items

Libraries are often associated with books. However, they hold more than that. Items such as DVDs and CDs are also available. They also hold records that preserve the history of the town or city. Libraries ensure that each patron can access these free items. A library card is our key to unlocking access to all these items if we want to borrow them out of the library. Even if you are unable to sign up for a library card, libraries will work with you to find an alternative way to ensure you get what you need. Providing access to these items is beneficial, especially to those who may not be able to afford them. We see books, DVDs, and CDs as something we can easily buy, but sometimes these are items many people long to have access to. Thanks to libraries, these items are available for anyone. Libraries’ importance will never go away even as the digital age evolves. Some libraries offer access to these items online for patrons who prefer to stay at home.

Access to free services

Many people don’t have access to a computer or the internet. Libraries provide access to not only  the internet and computer but also access to a printer. While printing isn’t free, it’s still cheap to print anything you may need. If your Wi-Fi or computer is suddenly acting up, the library is available for your convenience. A card library isn’t required for this free service. Laptops can also be provided depending on if your library has access to them. There are various areas for you to sit and work on what you need to. If you run into issues, libraries try to have employees who have adequate knowledge of programs you may need help with. Libraries also have research tools that are easily accessible. Some libraries provide resources and assistance towards finding their patrons jobs. Other free services include access to English classes.

Endless supply of books

When we think about libraries, we mainly picture books. For book lovers, libraries are an amazing place to visit. Instead of spending money on books, we could save that money and support our local libraries by simply borrowing books. If someone needs a book simply for research purposes, they can borrow the book then return it once it’s not needed anymore. Libraries allow books to be taken out and renewed multiple times. These accommodations show how libraries are there to help you out and make your life easier. The best part is the books are free to borrow as long as you have a library card. The privilege of having free access to these items is amazing. Through this access, we are fortunate enough to be able to increase our knowledge through the power of reading. Even without a library card, you are encouraged to enjoy books within the library.

Community building activities

Libraries try to help their communities grow by connecting their patrons to others who may share similar interests. Some libraries have book clubs, book readings, game nights, or movie nights. Through partnerships with other organizations libraries can hold these activities. They also hold competitions to promote reading and encourage everyone of all ages to read. These activities aren’t just for fun. They seek to strengthen the overall environment of the community no matter what obstacle comes their way. They also provide a support system for those in need. Through their programs they’re able to use these activities to also educate their community members. As community members become more educated, they can grow alongside the community. Libraries provide knowledge and help for anyone who might need them. Holding these activities also builds bonds between the library and the patrons. Through these bonds of trust, patrons can seek help no matter how big the issue is.

The overall environment

If you enjoy reading in the comfort of your room, that’s okay, but having a change in scenery when reading is also great. There are different areas in a library where you can enjoy your book. Even before working at a library I could feel how welcoming the environment at libraries is. Due to COVID, some libraries aren’t able to open. The libraries that are open struggle to stay open. Despite restrictions in place, libraries still try to provide resources for patrons. At my local library, curbside pickup is available to limit contact for any patron who desires it.

Libraries are trying to continue providing their services even with these difficult times. Once restrictions are less severe, it would be great for you to visit your local library to see how amazing they are. You won’t regret supporting your local libraries so they can continue connecting the youth and older generations to different opportunities. Libraries aren’t just a home for books and services. To some people, they are a place to use as an escape from a hectic life or a place where they can rediscover their old passions. They are their safe haven. Libraries will always be needed as long as you can see how important they are.

Professional Writing Major and Social Media Theory & Strategy Minor with a love for books and music.
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