5 Popular Culture Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner. Some people have had their costumes picked and prepped for months. Some people (like yours truly) tend to wait till the last minute to select a costume. For me, whenever I think about Halloween costumes, I always find myself drifting towards a pop culture Halloween costume. If it's the one night of the year when I can be anything I want, why wouldn’t I want to be my favorite fictional character or celebrity? This list is made up of costumes you can put together with objects you already own or costumes you can physically go out and buy/make. Here are five pop culture Halloween costume ideas!

  1. 1. Taylor Swift

    Pick an era and get your sparkles on. You could easily transform yourself into the pop star for one night. Depending on the Swift album you choose to embody, your costume could literally be made of anything. One option would be to curl your hair, put on some cowboy boots, and find a nice sparkly dress. Another option would be to recreate an iconic red carpet look with an elegant outfit. There is also music video options, like her “You Belong With Me” look that is comprised of pajamas and glasses. The possibilities are endless! 

  2. 2. A Game of Thrones Character

    GoT is packed with female characters. From the fearless warrior, Arya Stark, to the intelligent Queen, Margaery Tyrell, there are so many options! If you want to be sophisticated, I would highly recommend the lioness Queen, Cersei Lannister.  If you want to be joyful, I would suggest season 1 Sansa Stark (and I’m talking like the first episode here, people). 

  3. 3. Arrowverese Character

    There are countless powerful female superheroes to dress up as from DC’s universe. You could be the Black Canary from “Arrow.” There’s Dreamer “Supergirl,” who has visions of things that will happen, and she’s just an awesome character! There’s also Zari and Amaya from “Legends of Tomorrow.” To be one of those two women, you would need to find a way to recreate (or purchase) a replica of their iconic necklaces.

  4. 4. Meghan Markle

    All you need to do is break out a fancy outfit, a cute pair of heels, and a trench coat for this one! I would recommend a tiara to make it more Halloween-y. Also, pair it with a sash or something that says Duchess of Sussex. Meghan is a role model and an inspiring woman. If you (or maybe a child in your life) would like to be a princess for Halloween, I highly suggest this idea.

  5. 5. A Meme! 

    Yes, you read that right. I said a meme. Find your favorite meme of 2019 and find a way to recreate that image as a costume! It would certainly be a conversation starter.