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Over the past couple years, I have become a huge Kdrama fan. Once I started to explore the world of Korean entertainment, I fell into a hole, one that I have yet to come out of.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Netflix kept coming out with new Korean dramas. As they produced Netflix Original Korean dramas, I also witnessed an increase in new fans. If you weren’t part of the audience who watched some of Netflix’s popular dramas, I’ve organized a list of dramas that are perfect for beginners. As always with every new thing you try, you must start with baby steps. One thing is for sure: once you get hooked there’s no going back. Here are some dramas that have roped in many new K-drama fans.

Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class follows an ex-con, Park Sae-Ro-Yi, and his friends as they navigate their way past social issues to grow their small street bar. Throughout the drama, we get to explore each character’s story and see how a small dream can become a reality. 

This drama has different layers to the story and overall, it is a must-watch for anyone. Unlike some dramas, this one is not afraid to expose underlying issues in South Korea. Some of the issues they touch on are how foreigners and the LGBTQ community are treated. If you don’t want too much romance involved and prefer more serious topics then this drama is definitely for you.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

This drama revolves around a caregiver, Gang-Tae who meets Ko Mun Yeong, a children’s author. Once their paths cross, they must work together to work past their traumas and grow to accept their broken sides. This drama focuses on finding ways to cope with suppressed feelings and overall learning that “it’s okay to not be okay”. 

Crash Landing On You

This popular drama on this list deals with an heiress, Yoon Se-Ri, who suffers from a paragliding accident that leaves her stranded in North Korea. Through this accident, she crosses paths with a soldier and from there, their love story progresses.

This drama shows mental disorders and how they can take a toll on life. They subtly insert these issues into the drama, since its main focus is the love story. If you do prefer romance with some action this drama is for you.


Seo Dal Mi dreams of demonstrating how she has the potential to make it big and with the help of her first love, a childhood pen pal, she starts on a path she refuses to back down from. During the drama, they include the challenges and key parts of what it takes to create a successful start-up.

Sweet Home

Every drama on this list is binge-worthy, however, this drama is only 10 episodes long. The show sets off with a mysterious infection turning individuals into all kinds of monsters. Throughout the drama, we follow a group of individuals who are trapped in an apartment complex and must fight off the monsters within themselves and the ones on the outside. 

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