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5 Beautiful (And Safe) Places to Go to Cleanse Your Soul

In a world full of uncertainty and fear, it’s important for us to slow down once in a while. We all need to and relax so that we can feel refreshed and mentally cleansed for the day ahead of us. Staring at a computer all day, every day, can be draining both physically and mentally. I suggest that now, more than ever, you take a step away from the computer for a couple of hours and go exploring. Whether it be just down the street or somewhere you’ve never been, go outside. Revitalize your mind, your spirit, and your sense of adventure. Here are some places you can visit near Kutztown University where you will feel your spirit rejuvenate and heal itself for another week of work. As always, it’s suggested that you social distance from others while out on your adventures. Here are some beautiful (and safe) places to visit to heal your spirit!

Pulpit Rock

Only 14 miles away, this spot is perfect for someone looking to just sit and relax. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the view of the valley and the water reservoir below. After climbing the steep but invigorating hill, you’ll find yourself wanting some relaxation time at the edge of the overlook. Here, you’ll find the home base of the Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society, several white dome structures crowded at the top, underneath the stars. No matter what time of day, though, you’ll leave feeling more relaxed, refreshed, and happy.

The Pinnacle

Not far from Pulpit Rock sits the Pinnacle, a popular spot for someone looking for an easy yet beautiful hike. Nestled high in the Blue Mountain ridge of the Appalachian Mountains, the Pinnacle offers an overlook of nearby Kempton, PA, as well as multiple trails where you can see hawks and waterfalls. 

Hawk Mountain

A sanctuary located along the Appalachian flyway, 18 miles away, Hawk Mountain both educates and engages its visitors. With multiple trails you can choose from, you can find yourself wandering through the Native Plant Garden, filled with various butterflies and finches. You’ll also find the edge of multiple overlooks with magnificent views spanning as far as the opposing mountains. Look down onto the spread wings of a Red-Tailed Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, or even a Bald Eagle. With trails including ramps and rails, this sanctuary is safe for visitors of every age. The best time to go is in October, when the hawks are migrating past the mountain toward warmer climates.

Neversink Loop

With multiple trails leading around Neversink Mountain, Neversink Loop offers a gorgeous view of Berks County and the Schuylkill River. Feel the wind at the top of the overlook, watch the birds fly below you, feel your spirit recover from a stressful week, and feel rebirthed for a new day.

St. Peter’s Village

Located 28 miles away is the secluded and magical spot of St. Peter’s Village, Pennsylvania. On a small stretch of road, enjoy this little village filled to the brim with charm, sweets, and entertainment. Little shops in St. Peter’s certainly have something for every patron. Sit out and enjoy a pastry from St. Peters Bakery and afterwards spend some time in the Village Arcade, truly a trip back in time filled with nostalgic pinball and other games. Walking past beautiful glass-blown wind chimes and fairy gardens, you’ll stumble upon Micah Herbs, supplying herbal supplements, remedies, and even cooking classes! After visiting some stores, a quick look behind the village, over an old stone bridge, will find you on the lip of a deep green, enchanting swimming hole. Soak in the refreshing waters, listen to the birds, and just breathe.

No matter where you are now, or where you go, remember to always take time for yourself. It’s important to take care of both your mind and your body in order to stay healthy and happy. There are many places to explore, you just need to go and find them!

Professional Writing major who loves reading, fictional writing, and traveling! Can almost always be found spending time outside with her guinea pig, Calcifer.
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