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4 Ways to Support Small Buisnesses

Shop Local

Shop local! Shopping local is a very good way to support your community. You can easily do this by supporting your friends homemade goods, shopping on Etsy, Depop, and more! One way I shop local is going to the farmers market on weekends instead of going to my local Giant or Weis. By shopping at farmers markets, you can have the reassurance that your fruits and veggies have been grown with love and without harsh chemicals that large corporations tend to use. Not only fruits and veggies, but your meat as well. Local farmers raise their animals without steroids and other junk you’re probably consuming from corporations. Shopping at farmers markets are also a good way to support local farmers who work very hard for us! 

Support Community Events

Support Community Events  

Fall is quickly coming up and lots of communities are holding fall festivities like fairs and small events. This is a good way to help out your locals selling homemade goods. Most of the fall festivals I’ve visited usually have stands from local vendors selling baked goods, hand-poured candles, crafts and more! They’re extremely fun to visit! Homemade cookies and knitted blankets sound nice to me. 

Support Your Friend’s Small Buisnesses

If you’ve noticed a friend starting up their small business or even a stranger on Instagram selling their art or hand-knitted clothing, go ahead and give them a like and share! It may seem like a small gesture to you but it means the world to them. Buying things from local markets or shops means you’re putting your hard-earned money into the right hands instead of fueling larger corporations who could care less about your satisfaction and only about the funds you’re giving them.

Spread the Word

Piggy-backing off of the last tip, whenever you get the chance, always show your support by sharing their information with friends and family. With social media today it’s always super easy to like, share and subscribe to your local shops and vendors! Sharing their pages and liking their posts means so much to them and it helps get word around of their services to others. 

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