4 Things I Have Learned Working in Fast Food

I have had a couple of jobs in my twenty years of life. From babysitting to seasonal positions at a ski resort, I have seen a lot already. But no other job has taught me more than my job at a fast food restaurant. I have been working at the same place for just about three years now. (I am not going to say which fast food restaurant I work at because I am not sure of the legal implications, but really, these lessons are universal in the industry.) I have met a lot of people, seen a lot of things, and have had a lot of fun. 

  1. 1. Your co-workers are probably the best people you will ever meet 

    When I started working at my restaurant, I only knew one person, and even then, I did not know them very well. So, everyone was new to me, and I have found some of my best friends there. Everyone is unique and different, and I probably would have never met any of them if I wasn’t working with them. They make for great stories. 


  2. 2. Customers hate the weather, especially rain 

    When it rains, it is automatically our fault for some reason. I cannot count the amount of times a customer has complained about the rain that was coming into their car as they ordered through the drive through. Summer thunderstorms are the worst for this. 

  3. 3. People are clueless 

    People have absolutely no idea what is going on sometimes. People have asked for food that we do not serve, like a Big Mac (we are not McDonalds). They admit they can’t read the screen while they are driving their car. They don’t see the napkins that are hanging on the wall right in front of them. 

  4. 4. We have regulars 

    Some of them are nice… others are not. A lot of our regulars are older people, and whenever we do not see them in a while, we are afraid that they may have died. But then, they start to show up randomly once again, and all is well. Oh, and we do have nicknames for the regulars. Usually, you are called by what you order. 

I love my job, and I am so glad I started working there. I have learned so much about myself and the world. All that being said, I am not planning on staying there forever so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. Sorry guys!