4 Songs I've Been Listening to Lately

Lately, I have been exploring new music more than ever. As someone who loves a variety of music including, rap, jazz, alternative, funk, and R&B, I’m searching for more music that blends between genres. Below is a list of songs I’m playing on repeat recently. 

  1. 1. "Beam" by Payday

    I’m always searching for more female rappers to listen to, and Payday is unlike any other artist I’ve heard. She has a flow similar to Mac Miller’s and uses it to her advantage by rapping over beats that elevate her voice. In "Beam," Payday compares the pain of falling in love to being shot, rapping “Glock with a beam Glock with a beam, don’t fall in love ‘cause it’s not what it seems” as the chorus. Brass and piano accompany Payday, giving "Beam" an upbeat and light-hearted tone that juxtaposes the lyrics. I enjoy Payday’s music for her relatable lyrics and unique beat.

  2. 2. "SMOKE SignALS" by Clay and Friends

    Clay and Friends is a band from Montreal, Canada that produces music in French and English. Whenever I’m in a good mood I always play "SMOKE SignALS." The song is about how the singer spends his “lazy day” smoking marijuana to help cope with the pain of life. The rhythm fluctuates between slow and fast as different emotions are expressed by the singer. In the climax, he switches to rapping the lyrics to show listeners how excited he is to smoke. Listening to "SMOKE SignALS" always puts me in a happier mood.

  3. 3. "IFHY" by Tyler, the Creator

    Like many, I adore Tyler, the Creator. Recently I have been listening to his older music including "IFHY." My favorite aspect of Tyler’s music is the intense emotion that comes through each song. In "IFHY," he uses dramatic instrumentals to add to the intensity of his lyrics. While listening, it’s difficult not to feel the complete weight of what Tyler raps. He changes between saying “I hate you” and “I love you” then dives deeper into his mixed feelings about his relationship. Tyler, the Creator’s music will always have a spot on my playlist.

  4. 4. "Change For Me" by Brasstracks & Samm Henshaw

    It’s difficult to place Brasstracks or Samm Henshaw in just one category of music, but any song written by them is a given success. Both Samm Henshaw and Brasstracks produce a jazzy, R&B, funky, upbeat sound that can put anyone in a cheerful mood. In "Change For Me," he sings about the varying reasons he wishes to change himself, for himself. The entire song details how difficult it can be to keep moving forward and working to improve yourself. Bright, punchy brass instruments accompany Samm Henshaw’s lyrics. I love "Change For Me" for how upbeat and inspirational it is to the listener.