200 Videos Later: A Reflection on my Youtube Channel

It’s rather fitting that it took me four years to create 200 YouTube videos. I’m rather surprised by that feat, given that I was going through college, and I like to think of it as a milestone. 

I officially started my channel, Underworld Guardian, as a sophomore in highschool. I played video games, unsure of what other content to create, while my friends and I had a combined YouTube channel as well. Recording became an issue, so I stopped uploading by the end of sophomore year and didn’t restart until senior year. 

I started getting into Synthesia videos, which is a computer software to help people learn how to play piano. People make videos showing the software playing MIDI files of music they created or arranged. By this point, I had arranged a lot of different pieces and had nowhere to display it until I discovered Synthesia videos. 

I began posting these types of videos at my leisure, doing it merely for fun. After some time, I developed a rather small fanbase and took it more seriously. I tried to upload on a schedule, got better editing software, learned how to record the screen clearly, and updated my thumbnails. Sophomore year of college came around, and I finally did a channel face reveal. I’m glad I did it, because it allowed me to start doing more vlog-esque and informational videos where I sit in front of the camera and talk about various music topics. 

I had a lot of fun creating new video topics. One of my longer-running series is “Song of the Week,” where I either randomly pick a song or get it recommended to me and I review it, giving my personal opinions on the song along with factual information about it. I’ve learned about some great music doing this series. 

Sitting here with 200 videos behind me is amazing. I wish I still uploaded more during my junior and senior year, but I’m happy I kept pushing through. My channel currently stands at 550 subscribers, nowhere near what I thought I would’ve had at this point. I’m proud of what I’ve done and what I hope to do with my channel, including adding new video topics and completely rebranding to a new channel name. I’m excited for what’s to come!