Is The 100 Our Future?

The CW show The 100 returned to television for its 5thseason last Tuesday, April 24th. The 100 is a show that takes place hundreds of years in the future. It follows the lives of the last remaining people of the human population after a nuclear apocalypse destroyed Earth, making it inhabitable for human survival. To preserve the human race, each country sent some of their citizens up into space, every country living in a space community called The Ark. The people were able to survive 97 years up in space, giving the Earth time to fix itself so it could become, once again, habitable for humans. The Ark was quickly deteriorating, becoming no longer able to support the 2,000 citizens aboard. So, the leaders of the Ark had to think or something to do: they sent 100 teenage prisons to the ground to test whether or not Earth is habitable once again.

The last four seasons have followed the lives of these 100 teenagers. The teenagers have faced much more on Earth than just life-threatening radioactivity. They quickly realized they were not alone on the ground. An entire population of, who they named, “grounders” survived the apocalypse and have created a new way of life, on the ground. The teenagers had to tackle many issues throughout the show, from fighting for control of the land with the grounders, discovering more human survivors in Mount Weather, and learning the source of the apocalypse that destroyed the world. 

This show raises some serious questions that the present-day citizen needs to ask themselves: is The 100 predicting our future? Is the human population destroying our Earth so rapidly that its demise is only a few decades away? Everything that has happened in The 100 is capable of actually happening in the real world. That is what makes the show so captivating and scary at the same time. 

The show is something everyone needs to watch because it forces you to think into the future. It makes you seriously question how we are acting and treating the planet we live on and if the leaders of the world are capable of protecting the human population if something like this does occur. 

Now is the time to listen to what the Earth is saying because if we continue on the path we are headed, the adventures of those 100 teenagers will no longer be a form of dramatic entertainment; it will become our reality. Enjoy the show, learn from their mistakes, and take action so no one has to find a way to save the human population with a series of space shuttles.