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Some boys come, and some may go, but your guy best friend will always be your sidekick. Freshman year of college, I was lucky enough to meet my best guy friend. Now, Christopher Guyn and I are always side by side taking on the college world together. There are many reasons why I love Chris, but these are my top ten. 

 1. They Are Always Down To Eat. No Matter What 

 Guys love to eat. No matter how many times they already had a meal or the time of day, you can count on him to go with you to get more food. This is a bonus because you can eat as much without him judging you. They will never make fun of you for choosing a burger over a salad or having wing sauce all over your face. I can always count on Chris to get food with me. Plus, he always shares his fries with me and never complains. 


2. You Have Your Own Personal PhotographerIf you are as close to your guy bestie as I am with mine, well, then you know for sure that you will always have a photographer standing by you. Whenever you need a new Instagram post or a Facebook profile picture, he will gladly take pictures because guys don’t really care about what other people think. Thank you, Chris, for the endless photo shoots and new Instagram-worthy posts. 


3. They’ll Protect You At The Bar

If you are ever feeling uncomfortable at the bar, because some other guy is hitting on you even though you clearly have the face expression that reads please leave, your guy best friend is not too far behind just waiting for your help signal. They always play the perfect “boyfriend” when you need them the most. Granted the first time this happened, Chris had no idea what to do (he was new to the whole bar scene) and when someone actually approached me and started to talk to me, they realized that Chris was sitting next to me and apologized. Chris nodded his head and told him it was fine…it was not fine by the way. Chris has improved, though, and now he knows when I give him the look, it means to come over and throw your arms around me. 

4. They’re Usually Drama Free

Having a bunch of female friends is great and everyone deserves their own little girl group. However, it’s nice to have a guy best friend because when you two are together there is never any drama. Females love drama and gossip, whether they want to admit it or not, there is a lot of it when you have a group of girls. When it comes to males, they don’t really care about the whole gossip life, so it’s nice to have a little break every now and then. 

5. You Can Rant All You Want, And They’ll Never Get Tired Of It

Whenever you need a rant session without any interruption, your guy best friend is the one to call. Chris has been dealing with my rants since freshman year, and, yet, here we are junior year and he’s still sitting and listening to me. Of course when I am done ranting, he likes to add his input and remind me how I need to be positive and not see the negative side of every situation. Chris is not afraid to tell me when I am being extra dramatic about a certain topic. 


6. They Will Ask About Your Relationship And Actually Care

Sometimes when guys ask a woman about her relationship, there is a catch. (Disclaimer: not every guy is like that). Either they want to know if it’s a rocky relationship and if they have any chance at charming their way into your life or just to see if your relationship had ended. Your guy best friend will ask about your significant other because they sincerely care about the two of you and want to make sure the relationship is still as amazing as it was in the beginning. Chris will always be the biggest supporter of my relationship with Nick. He always asks how Nick is doing and if we have any plans for our upcoming summer vacation. When I come back after being home for the weekend, Chris will ask how my visit was and if Nick and I did anything interesting or fun. Chris never fails to at lease remind me once a week to invite him to our wedding, which I always reply with, “don’t worry, you’ll actually be one of the groomsmen.” As of last week, they are now Snapchat friends, so there is a good chance my boyfriend will steal my only guy best friend. 

7. They Will Take You On Fun Adventures

If you are one of those people who just need adventure every now and then, well, boys are great at doing that, especially a guy best friend who is just as rambunctious as you. Most of Chris and I’s adventures involve us driving around Kutztown, screaming to the songs on the radio at the top of our lungs and way off key. However, last time we decided to take an adventure to get shamrock shakes…that simple twenty minute drive turned into an hour. Chris took the wrong turn (which was partially my fault) and we had a huge detour. During that detour, I might have, at the last minute (I am very known for giving last minutes directions) told him he had to make a sharp right turn. So, Chris quickly turned the wheel but accidentally drove onto someone’s lawn. Don’t worry, it was only his front tires that where on it, but we did leave tire marks. To those homeowners, we are greatly sorry. 

8. They Will Love You Unconditionally, Annoy You Like A Brother, And Treat You Like A Bro

No matter what you do or say to them, they will always love you for being you. If you thought your brother was annoying, your best guy friend may just push your brother off the top of the list. They will annoy you to no end whether it’s their little ticks that annoy you, the fact they will tell you anything you need to hear regardless if its ruthless or they’re dating a girl you are not fond of. You will always be considered a bro to him. Even if his friends see you as some girl hanging out with them, he will always make it known that you are a bro like them. No matter how many times I have said or done something that Chris finds disappointing, he is still by my side the next day. He will never see me as some girl who is fragile and can’t do anything because she’s afraid to mess up her manicure. He may annoy me with his OCD habits and the way he likes to throw gross worms at me, I still love that boy to death. 

9. They Will Give You Full Access To The Aux Cord 

 If he’s really close to you and just lets you do almost anything, chances are you will have full control of that aux chord. Although Chris and I have different music taste (he low-key really loves songs that are considered for only basic white girls) each time I get in that passenger seat, I get full control of the aux. He is willing to jam out to my boyband playlist (which is on fire) that include One Direction, R5, Five Seconds of Summer, and Big Time Rush. 

10. They Will Always Tell You What You Need To Hear

Whether if it’s in a negative or positive way or if you like it or not, they will tell you exactly how it is and what you need to hear. You may even find it obnoxious or annoying at times, but after everything is said and done, you reflect back and realize just how important their advise was to you. Chris is never afraid to tell me when I need to let certain people go and out of my life or tell me when I am being way too negative and hard on myself. Sometimes I roll my eyes at his comments, but at the end of day, his words always mean the most because I know it’s the truth. It is, without a doubt, something that I need to hear. 



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