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Your Winter Break Bucket List

Winter break is so close that you can feel it. There will be over a month of free time to fill with fun activities. Here are a few inside and outside ideas that can fill up some of your days.


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Ice Skating: This will always be a classic winter activity. It can be done inside or outside depending on where you are from. It is great if you know how to do it and if you do not, ask a friend to go with you and try to learn together. It will also give you some exercise which, let’s face it, you need every once and awhile. Overall, this is a great way to stay busy and active while having fun.


Bake: Baking makes for a perfect inside activity on a cold day. You can warm up in the kitchen while baking whatever you choose. Chocolate chip cookies are good classic treat. But if you want to venture off the beaten path, there are a few more complex treats you can try. Some ideas are peppermint bark, gingerbread cookies or even a yule log.


Skiing/Snowboarding/Sledding: These all go in the same category since they all involve sliding on snow. The good thing is that these are all at different skill levels, so at least one of them should be fun. These activities are especially good if you live in an area with lots of snow. However, if you happen to live in Southern California or Texas, you might be out of luck.


Decorate the House: This is fun for any holiday you are celebrating this winter break. Even though you already spend so much time with your family during the holidays, decorating with your parents or siblings would make for a good time to catch up. And maybe since you are doing so much decorating you can avoid the classic questions about your grades or relationships.


Movie Marathon: Any kind of movie makes for a great time indoors to stay out of the cold. The obvious choice would be holiday movies which are amazing. But some long movie franchises could really make it a marathon. Just be prepared with lots of popcorn and hot chocolate for hours and hours of movies.


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Make Gingerbread Houses: Just imagine being an architect, but on a very fun and tasty level. While this is already fun, a way to make this even better is to turn it into a competition with your friends. After all your gals come home from school, what better way to get back together than some friendly competition? Just get your friends together and let the battle begin to see who decorates the best house.


Have a Bonfire: This is a way to combine the best of both worlds. You can spend time outside, but still stay warm with the fire right in front of you. To make this even sweeter, you can roast marshmallows and turn them into s’mores. 


Build a Snowman: Here we have another activity where you are bound by where you live. So anyone that lives in the southern half of the country can just skip to the next one. Now, if you happen to live in a place where you have so much snow you don’t know what to do with, use some of it to make a snowman. Once you have the base of the snowman you pretty much have complete freedom from there. You want them to have a mohawk or a swimsuit? You can do it! The options to make any snowman you want are endless.


Explore Your City: Chances are that you have been away from home for a good amount of time. Yes, there have been a few breaks, but not enough to really get anything done. But now you have a whole month to explore your hometown, enjoy all the things you have missed and discover new places to go. A lot of things can change while you are at college for around four months.


Relax: This is by far the most important thing to do while you are home. You have been working hard for four months and deserve a break from school and pretty much everything. So treat yourself to an at-home spa day, or if you are feeling extra worn out, maybe at an actual spa. Anything will do for this as long as you feel relaxed and happy so you can come back ready for spring semester.


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Try some of these activities to make your break even more fun. Have a happy holiday!

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