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Your New Spring Skincare Routine

My skin is such a warrior for making it through winter this year.  Skincare freaks (like me) know what I’m talking about- walking to class in below-zero weather and feeling the absolute life (a.k.a. moisture) being sucked out of your skin.  My winter skincare routine is basically me suiting up in the armor that is Philosophy Hope in a Jar every morning and hoping for the best.

No more of that in the spring – and I couldn’t be more excited.  If you didn’t know this already, you should switch up your skin care routine as the seasons change.  Lucky for you, I have come up with your spring skincare routine! I’m no dermatologist, but if you don’t trust my skincare knowledge, show your dermatologist this article and she’ll tell you that I’m a genius.


Step 1: Acure Brightening Cleansing Gel

This face wash has all-natural ingredients that won’t dry your skin out and will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.


Step 2: Glossier Solution

Can Glossier do anything wrong?  There simply is no bad product. The solution is the holy grail of my skincare routine.  Trust me on this one.


Step 3: Lush Tea Tree Water or Thayer’s Witch Hazel

Facial toners like these help balance the pH of your skin and remove excess dirt and oil.  It also helps clear redness and acne without the harshness of benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.


Step 4: Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin

Move over, Mario Badescu.  There’s a new rosewater spray in town and she’s better than you.


Step 5: Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer

Get your springtime glow on!  Before you freak out about dropping some serious coin on a moisturizer, understand that healthy skin is priceless.  Treat yo’ self.

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