Your Mr. KU 2013... Joey Luber!

Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you your 2013 Mr. KU, *insert racing hearts and sweaty palms*... Joey Luber!

Now, you may not know Joey. He is a new and fresh-faced addition to the University of Kansas, being only a freshman and all. But I can assure you… you NEED to get to know Joey. STAT.

If you didn't catch Joey's brief bio during the Mr. KU competition, check it out >>>

I will help you get more acquainted with Joey right here and now through a more in-depth Mr. KU Q&A session:

How did you hear about the Mr. KU competition and why did you decide to apply?

Joey: I heard about the Mr. KU competition through the president of my fraternity. He encouraged us all to compete in the competition. 

How do you think you got as much support as you did?

Joey: Honestly, I don’t really know how I received the support that I got. My sister helped me out a lot by telling her sorority to vote for me, and I got a lot of my pledge brothers to help vote for me too. 

*That right there is networking, people.

Why did you choose the specific charity? Tell us more about it?

Joey: I chose City Union Mission because I volunteered at both the Youth Center and Food Warehouse for my senior service project. I volunteered over 100 hours there with my best friends and it was by far one of the highlights of my senior year. 

*More information on City Union Mission here >>>

What has been your most memorable moment thus far at KU?

Joey: My most memorable moment so far at KU was when my friend, Andrew Johnson, slipped and fell on campus in front of 50+ people. He was running full speed toward me and he completely wiped out in front of everyone. It was the hardest I’ve laughed in a while.  

*Naturally. Everyone loves a good falling story.

What are you most looking forward to about your time here on campus?

Joey: As for my time here on campus, I’m probably most looking forward to the KU basketball games.  I haven’t made it out to one yet, but I’m hoping to go to more second semester. 

What makes you Mr. KU? 

Joey: What makes me Mr. KU is probably my attitude. I’m always pretty happy and I’m always trying to make people laugh. I can get serious, but for the most part I’m usually just trying to have fun. 

What do you want the KU community to know about you?

Joey: I am single. ('bout time we got that established!) I love wolves. “Holes” is my favorite movie. My favorite basketball player is Kirk Hinrich. Yeah, that’s basically it. 

Your first finals week, eh? How are you preparing?

Joey: Honestly, I haven’t done much to prepare for finals… I’m a pretty good procrastinator though. I’ll study a lot finals week. I just want to get them over with. 

*Spoken like a true college student.

How many people have you told that you're Mr. KU? 

Joey: I haven’t told too many people I’m Mr. KU. My fraternity house, my sister and her friends, and my high school friends make up most of the people that I’ve told. It’s usually my friends that bring it up to other people when I’m with them.

What's your signature song?

Joey: My signature song is probably “Dig It” by the D-Tent Boys. It’s the theme song from the Disney movie "Holes" haha. My friends and I always blast that song when we’re in the car and everyone just stares at us.

*Since readers are probably wondering... Here's "Dig It," below.

What's your most embarressing moment? 

Joey: An embarrassing story about me happened this year when one of my friends put an alarm on my phone set to go off in class. They made the ringer “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas and it went off and everyone just started staring at me. 

*LOLZ. These friends of yours....

What has been your favorite class so far?

Joey: My favorite class so far is probably my Business 101 class. I have six close friends in that class that make it a lot more fun. 

Finally.....What’s your spirit animal?

Joey: My spirit animal would probably be a wolf. I have a pretty sick collection of wolf t-shirts that I wear from time to time.  

*Please tell me you watch The Office.....


Again, CONGRATS to our Mr. KU 2013, Joey Luber! We were able to donate $400 to City Union Mission in Kansas City. Thank you to everyone that donated, we couldn't have done it without you.

We wish you the best of luck in the remainder of this semester and your college career! Rock Chalk!