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Your Favorite Childhood Cartoon Characters as Easy Halloween Costumes

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Dressing up as legendary superheroes from the Bikini Bottom with your bestie is guaranteed to be a good time. Why not go simple this year and DIY Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy costumes, hop onto your Invisible Boat Mobile, and ride off into the sunset on Halloween night?


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We’ve seen plenty of people dressing up as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, but what about Edna? For someone rocking the world’s most ICONIC bouncy bob, E really does not get the attention she deserves. This girl rocked it with her own DIY costume, showing us that the most important piece in the at-home Edna Mode outfit, is the sass.


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Of course, we can’t talk about perfect cartoons for halloween costumes without bringing in the gang from Scooby-Doo. This is a perfect idea for your squad and can be easily recreated with a couple of staple pieces in the right secondary color. Also it gives you an excuse to involve your dog in the costume & who doesn’t want that?


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Now here’s a couples costume I bet you won’t see duplicates of at a party. Who could forget the first couple we ever shipped before we even knew what “shipping” was. Bringing the colorful star-crossed lovers Timmy and Trixie to life would be super easy and definitely iconic.


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Looking for a squad costume for five that requires only a colored t-shirt and a few accessories? Codename: Kids Next Door has you covered. This dynamic group of adult-fighting 10-year-olds helped us cherish our childhood and, God willing, can aid us in our young adulthood too.


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I bet you all forgot about this spooky cartoon supervillain, didn’t you? Well, this would be perfect for a unique costume that catches the eye of anyone within 100 meters. If you’re looking for a particular spooky costume this year just paint yourself red, draw up some puffy accents, and construct some crab-like claws claws out of paper and you will be truly, honestly, terrifying. 

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