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Yes Means Yes: The Common Sense Law

Recently California has come out with an outrageously smart law for universities. Nicknamed the “Yes Means Yes” act, it basically says that in any encounter, if the person has not audibly or explicitly stated yes, then it is a no. This seems like it should be common sense, but sadly it is not for most college campuses. With the recent struggles that KU has had with sexual assault, it would be great to see them take this law and run with it. I hope to see many other campuses across the country follow suit.  

This video by popular news group SourceFed outlines the law pretty well. 


I've seen some articles saying that this is "controversial," but honestly, that's ridiculous. This law would mean more conversations about the issue and less hiding from the law for offenders. I, for one, am in favor of this law. I encourage you to go and bring it up to friends and family to see if they agree. 

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