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A Word on Having a “Type”

“Yeah, she’s nice and all, but she’s just not my type.”


We’ve all heard it before, and if you haven’t heard those words spoken about yourself, consider yourself lucky. Many people claim they have a “type,” but what does that even mean? Turns out, science has proven that basically everyone has a type of person they are naturally attracted to. Weirdly enough, a lot of it has to do with your childhood and your own family genes. Some people say that you are attracted to the type of man your father is. Your type can stem from many different things, and I can’t help but be intrigued by the idea of it all. 

Having a type is by no means a bad thing, in fact, it can be very helpful in terms of knowing what you want in a significant other! However, it is important that we also analyze our type in order to figure out what may be turning you away from a successful relationship. Unfortunately, just like we are attracted to positive qualities in a person, we are also attracted to many negative qualities, whether we realize it or not. After being treated poorly by yet another stupid guy, my friend said it best when she said “someone needs to tell girls like me to stop being attracted to assholes.” By looking deeper into our type and using past relationships as a guide to see what isn’t working, we can gain a better understanding of what we should stay away from, even if it may be difficult. 

Straying from a type can actually be good for you. For example, I started talking to this guy about a year ago, and at first I had absolutely no interest in him at all. He just wasn’t my type… But as he continued pursuing me and I continued talking to him, I started to really like him, regardless of my initial thoughts. I later came to the realization that even though he wasn’t necessarily my type in terms of looks, our personalities were actually completely compatible. If I hadn’t swallowed my pride and looked past my type, I would have never gotten to know him.

Your type may be completely different from your best friend’s type, even if you think you’re practically the same person. I asked three of my closest friends to describe their types to me, both in looks and personality, and this is what they said… 

My friend Olivia said that she usually goes for “the pretty boy” in the crowd. She likes tall, skinny guys with curly, usually longer hair and a pretty smile; a guy that has emotional depth and looks like he could maybe—just maybe—be in a boyband. If she could choose one celebrity crush that perfectly defines her type, she said it would be Timothee Chamalet.

On the other hand, my friend Mandy goes for the complete opposite type of man. She prefers her guys to be muscular, athletic, and masculine. When it comes to personality, I think you could sum up her type as a “southern gentleman.” She values qualities such as a sense of humor, having manners, and putting their girl first. Her celebrity crush is Eric Decker.

Finally, my (other) friend Olivia describes her type as someone who is smart, mature, tall, and toned—not too muscley, but not too skinny either. She likes a guy that will go out and have fun, but she definitely doesn’t want him to be the life of the party, for Olivia sees that as a sign of immaturity. She also admitted that her type of guy also tends to be egotistical and, in the words of Olivia, kind of an asshole. Her celebrity crush and type look alike is Leonardo Dicaprio.

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