Why You Should Join Her Campus KU

I have been a member of HerCampus KU for a year. Happy HC KU anniversary to me! I joined this organization with not a clue knowing what it was all about. I just saw a pink advertisement on the wall of the Journalism School and it caught my eye… and I’m so glad it did.

When I began, the group was small, but mighty. I was awarded the role of Campus Cutie writer, and let me tell you, I snagged some cute people. Though I enjoyed my time perusing my Facebook and checking out my fellow classmates, I decided blog writing was more my style. And this leads to my first point;

1. You can decide which role you want to play.

I started writing about a Campus Cutie each week, but now I am a blog writer and help with the events team. Try out different roles and see which one is the best fit for you. If you decide you want to contribute to another aspect of HC KU, there is generally room to make that switch.

2. We all have different views, likes and interests.

Does the pink branding throw you off a little? It did me at first. I’m not much for pinks and frilly things, but I didn’t let that sway my decision to join. There is room for every type of person at HC KU. We have varied opinions and beliefs. It makes life much more interesting and also more enjoyable to read, when not everyone thinks the same way. Are you a rocker, wanting to showcase new bands around campus? Or maybe you would rather curl up in a big sweater with a chai latte from Starbucks. Whatever is YOU, be it.

3. You can promote causes that matter!

Our Events and Publicity teams are great at nailing all the details for a fantastic event. At HCKU we have raised money and/or awareness for causes such as women’s leadership and local charity organizations. We give back to our community AND have fun promoting a worthwhile cause!

4. You get to work alongside FABULOUS KU women.

Our group has expanded rapidly within the last year, which means our group is overflowing with fresh and exciting ideas. Belonging to an organization where you can be a prominent voice on a large, college campus, is just what you need in gaining experience or simply indulging in a loved hobby.

If you’re considering applying to be a member of next year’s HC KU team, please don’t hesitate! Whether it’s helping with events, promoting via social media or writing a killer article, you won’t regret this decision. You can apply for Her Campus KU at http://tinyurl.com/hercampusappfall for the Fall 2014 semester!