Why Winter is my Least Favorite Season

Let’s be real, does anyone really like winter? The coldness, the grogginess, the late late nights that make us pass out at 5 pm. Yeah, it’s a no from me.

Here is why I can't stand winter. 


The cold.

The shivering sensation you feel running down your spine because of how cold it is. I could layer as many jackets as possible and I’ll still feel that cold sensation running down my body.

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Coats ruin a good outfit.

Was there ever a time you picked out a nice outfit only for your winter coat to ruin it? Yeah, me too. 

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Getting in your car in the morning is awful.

Having to start your car five minutes before actually getting in so you won’t freeze on your way to school or work. And when you forget to start it is another story, almost heartbreaking. Having to suffer through the cold, shivering and waiting for your car to heat up faster.


Driving is awful too.

The frequent pauses you make while driving because you’re afraid of slipping on ice. It's risky driving in the winter, that's why I try to avoid going out as much as possible. 


It gets dark outside too quickly.

When you look outside thinking its 10 pm only to realize its 5pm. Your motivation for everything starts to fall, procrastinating and not able to function properly because your mind believes it’s 10 pm and you should be in bed by now.


Waking up in the morning only to realize you have to face the cold. It's always hard getting out of your comfy, cozy bed, only to wait and see what lies ahead of us... winter.

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