Why We Need To Embrace Our Eyebrows

Today we are going to discuss those (most of the time) two patches of hair lovingly located above our eyes.


Why oh why do we have eyebrows? What are their purpose? One thing I can think of is so that we can adequately demonstrate non-verbal cues such as the infamous, “WTF?” look. If you aren’t following me, it goes something like this:

Or when someone doesn’t take the advice you’ve been giving them for three months and they come crying to you because their life’s in “shambles.”

And the most commonly used method of eyebrow expression usually appears when my professor tries to throw letters into math.

When I was younger, perhaps circa 9th grade, I didn’t really think much of my eyebrows, other than the fact that they were massive and I hated them. So what did I do? I decided to tweeze the bajeebers out of them. And no, I will not show you a picture of the result, because for one, I’m sure none exist and just...no.

SO WHAT’S THE DEAL, GUYS?! Why are we succumbing to this torture that is plucking the very hair out of our skin in order for them to be dainty and less expressive? EMBRACE DEM BROWS!

I honestly had an epiphany when I first started watching Pretty Little Liars and saw Lucy Hale’s big beautiful brows. Like woah. Gimme, gimme. 


And hellooooo, Audrey Hepburn. Queen of all things classy and chic. She rocked her brows like it was their privilege to be placed in the one-third quadrant of her flawless face.  

Have you ever thought about what we would look like without eyebrows? If you can’t picture it, here’s a photo I saw a while back. Try not to laugh...or cry. Personally, I was a little scared:


There you have it. As unnecessary as they are, we need eyebrows. Do what you want with them, by tweezing, threading, defining or just leaving them straight up au natural. I think every shape and size has their own unique personality.That is to say, I probably wouldn’t recommend taking Anthony Davis’ route:

But what the hay…..Frida Kahlo did and she was a rockstar artist.