Why We Are So Over This Season of Bachelor in Paradise

Chris Harrison promised Bachelor Nation this season of Bachelor in Paradise would be “the most dramatic season ever.” He didn’t mention anything about it being the most boring season. Although the cast showed strong potential to be an entertaining group of attractive people with no regard, shame or any real job, this season fell flat. Here is why we are so over this season of Bachelor in Paradise.

The length

First off, the show was way. too. long. Two hours per episode, two days a week is a heavy commitment for the average viewer. Each episode seemed to drag on and on without any real plot or enticing drama. The producers could have cut the show in half and still gotten the point across.

Saying goodbye to the shark

Another disappointment was how soon Alexis left. The infamous shark/dolphin costume wearing hopeful left way too early. Her humor was arguably the best part of the whole show. And after she left, viewers were left to Well’s puppet shows for comic relief. Not good.

Amanda blinded… again

BIP Veteran Amanda proved that her run with the bachelor franchise needs to end. Her falling for Josh 2.0 was not only sad, but also cringe worthy to watch. Robby’s slicked back hair, Ken doll face and painful smooth talking closely resembled Amanda’s last love interest in paradise, Josh Murray. Amanda, mother of two adorable daughters, is undeniably sweet and gorgeous. We just want her to end up with a good guy.

The Corrine and DeMario Situation

The most hype surrounding the season came from the Corinne and DeMario scandal. ABC’s transparent and tasteless exploitation of the two individuals and the situation was merely for ratings. While the network did have to address the situation and save themselves from the public relations nightmare, taking advantage of the scandal was wrong of the producers and got really old really quick. 

Dean playing the role of a player

Fan favorite Dean killed his own reputation in paradise. Caught in a love triangle between Kristina and D Lo, Dean played both women while trying to figure out his feelings. After Kristina couldn't handle being told to wait while Dean invested all of his time in the third party, she eliminated herself from the show. To twist the knife even further, she said, “I think the orphanage was better than paradise.” Ouch.

The return of the Twins

The Twins were somewhat entertaining the first time around (Ben Higgin’s season for the newcomers). However, after three seasons on national TV, America has had enough. Perhaps the dumbest people to ever be on the show, the twins did nothing for paradise expect give producers 40 more minutes of dull airtime and scripted drama.


The only bright side of paradise was Wells the bartender. He acted as an emotional support system, was everyone’s friend and cracked a few good jokes. The potential romance between him and Danielle was the most genuine connection of the summer.

Expectations start pretty low for a show like Bachelor in Paradise, however, this season hit rock bottom. ABC should consider some changes before bringing the cameras back to paradise.