Why I'm Confident in My Major

I never knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I am a very indecisive person, so the thought of choosing a major/career that would influence the course of my life was very daunting to me. I have always been a very creative person, at least in the way that art, film and music have greatly influenced every aspect of my life. That is one thing I have always been confident of. My parents are big music people, and growing up, my family and I would watch movies on a weekly basis. Going home now, movies are still quoted daily and we still sit around the couch sharing the experience of watching a movie together. I don’t think it was until I grew older that I began to realize the impact these experiences have had on my life.

In high school, my dream career would go back and forth between photographer and a music-oriented job in the film industry (not knowing exactly what that would be). Along with that was a continued love of creative writing and poetry that sparked at an early age. There had always been a flood of creative thoughts in my mind without a strong notion of what to do with them.

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It can be kind of scary to think of a limitless future without a concrete plan. Unfortunately, when I thought about pursuing all of these things I loved, on a long-term basis, an uncertain future is what I saw. However, when I’d think about a future in which I could do what I love every day, it’s just as equally thrilling. I would constantly be told that jobs in the creative field are not as important as a secure office job. Then I remember that there are people all around the world, getting to release their creative thoughts everyday through different mediums and make a living while doing it. They’re getting to influence young and old minds alike. Then I think, why couldn’t that be me?

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There are countless days when I think to myself: how am I going to do this? What will happen if I can’t? Then there are other days when you watch a movie and wonder: how could I do anything else? There are times when you watch E.T. for the fourth time that week and are completely awestruck as to how an alien’s relationship with a young boy could make you cry for the fifth time. Or when you sit in a theater seat for two hours and have a full-fledged experience watching a story develop and unfold on a giant screen. Or simply having the feeling that I might finally know what I’m supposed to do with my life.