Why I Love American Horror Story

Ever since I was 14, I have been obsessed with American Horror Story. Looking back, I definitely don’t think that my innocent, freshman-in-high-school-baby-self should have been watching a show so inappropriate, but that’s beside the point. To this day, it’s still my absolute favorite show. While we are in the midst of ~spooky~ season, I thought I’d write an article on why I love this freaky lil show so much and hopefully you guys will check it out and learn to love it for yourselves!


  1. It’s a psychological thriller. - Whenever I try to convince someone to watch American Horror Story, they’re always concerned it will be “too scary.” The best way I can respond is that no, it’s not scary. It’s just kind of eff-ed up. The show is freaky because to be completely honest, it’s not too far fetched. Each season comes with the unsettling feeling of “Wow, this really could happen.” If you’re worried about pop-outs or anxiety-causing situations that get your adrenaline running to the point where your head might explode, you can relax. AHS doesn’t provide much of that. What it DOES provide, are spine-chilling images and disturbed minds that make you question your morals all together. If you’re confused on what I mean, just watch the opening credits. I never thought I’d see so many baby body parts in jars! 

  2. They cast the hottest actors and actresses ever. - AHS has perfected the art of taking these abnormally gorgeous people and casting them to their perfect roles as genuinely troubled, messed up human beings. I swear, there’s something about Evan Peters that makes me fall in love with every character he plays, despite how dysfunctional they might be! Not to mention the most iconic actors/actresses that continue to amaze me every single season they star in… *cough* Jessica Lange *cough*Side Note: Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Cody Fern is? They added him in season eight and I pray he never leaves... 

  3. Each season is different. - If you’re anything like me, you get really hooked on a show, and after about one or two seasons, you get bored. Well, this is where AHS differs from every other show. Each season is a completely different story with totally different characters. This not only keeps you engaged, but it also allows you to see the same actors/actresses we love play a variety of roles on the show. Someone could literally go from being a journalist in an insane asylum, to being the Supreme of a witch coven! You think I’m kidding, but that’s actually what happened to Sarah Paulson in seasons two and three.

  4. STRONG ASS WOMEN - AHS not only introduces prominent female characters, it also celebrates women. For example, in season eight (Apocalypse), as tension rises between witches and warlocks, the women get the upper hand, saying that no man will ever be as powerful as a woman when it comes to magic—it’s just not in their DNA. American Horror Story is the one show where I feel like women characters are such badasses that I find myself feeling an inexplicable amount of empowerment. If you’re looking to feel the same, watch Coven (season three). 

  5. It represents every genre. - Despite some of the heavy drama in this show (addiction, mental illness, suicide, murder, etc.), AHS is actually really hilarious. The one-liners that come from this show are so creative and witty. AHS blends all types of genres into one. Whether it be romance, comedy, thriller, fantasy, action, etc., I can assure you that you’ll find your favorite genre somewhere. Everyone should give American Horror Story a try this October, as you will not be disappointed.



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