Why I Believe in a Good Cry

You know that feeling when it’s been a rough day and you’re just so tired and stressed and frustrated? Same. That is when you know you need a good cry.


I call it a good cry because I consider it helpful, freeing, therapeutic even. I look at a quality cry sesh like all of your stress and anxiety leaving your body in a tangible form.

The best “good cry” you can have is when you are alone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have someone rubbing your back and telling you it’s going to be okay, but the cry I’m referring to is much more personal. It’s usually not because of something sad like a breakup or you miss someone. It’s more because you see a cute old person sitting alone or you dropped your phone off your bed and are too lazy to pick it up. This is when you know you just need to cry to cry, so it’s best to be alone.

If you know you are in need of a “good cry” but are unable to cry, that is okay too. If you can stimulate your tears with something else, like a movie, then the rest of your emotional and stress tears will come out as well. That being said, here are some sad movie suggestions: The Fault In Our Stars, Marley and Me, The Notebook, Toy Story 3, Charlie St. Cloud, My Sister’s Keeper.

All in all, don’t be sad that you cry. Think of crying as a form of relief and letting go of the tension you were holding on to. Be happy next time you cry, because you will definitely feel better after. That is why I believe in a good cry.


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