Why Are Celebrities Asking Us To Text Them?

Let’s be real, it's not everyday that some of the most A-list celebrities ask you to text them….so why are they doing it now? I first started noticing these abrupt celebrity hotline promos back in October. Out of nowhere almost every celebrity I follow posted a random selfie with the caption “text me:)” along with their ~phone number~.  

John Legend, Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lopez, Post Malone, the list goes on. Triggered from my catfish days, I ignored almost every instance of these sad pleas. However, since the peak of their popularity a few months ago, these posts recently resurfaced on my timeline.

I think it goes without saying this is probably correlated with these celebrities having a lot more time on their hands these days- the photoshoots and nail appointments are no longer exhausting their schedules. 

Chandler Long Day Giphy

So this all started one night right before I’m about to go to bed. I make the rounds to my social media accounts and get to Snapchat when I find Tana Mongeau in my “subscriptions”. 

Cardi Okurrrr Giphy

Side note- I have no idea what algorithm Snapchat uses to place these random influencers (and sometimes, people I went to highschool with???) in my so-called “subscriptions” column, but I digress. And I’m bored so I will be mindlessly going through each post, what’s new?

I click on her story and there it is - “text me:) 702-500-0176”. 

Annoyed Gif Giphy

Me to me: Here we go AGAIN. WHY are these back?? Next.

*insert video of her trying to convince me again, to “text her”*  

Me to me: No Tana, I am not convinced.

*Then she posts a screenshot of one of the convos she's having with a fan*

screenshot of text message convo between me and tana mongeau Yasmin Edrees


What’s Really Happening Here?

These celebrity phone numbers all initially respond with an auto-reply link for you to sign up with an account called “Community” which basically runs this whole charade. From then on, your texts are delivered to their inbox and your contact info is requested. Overall, it’s not necessarily a total scam. 

Granted, the chance of them responding to you is pretty low-all depending however on the popularity of the celeb you're texting. But if you text them at the right time, they might actually send you a personalized message. I’ll let you be the judge of whether the response I got was legit or not. 

But of course, they wouldn’t be celebrities if they didn't want your money. 

Patrick Spongebob Money Tenor

And this texting ordeal is exactly how they continue to get it. After my boredom ran its course I soon forgot about this failed attempt at clout, but Ms. Tana did not forget about me. 

These celebrities want you to buy their merchandise, songs, and wack makeup lines- so expect a lot of self promo coming your way. While yes, they are texting you....it's not personal. In fact, that text you’re getting telling you to stream their new single is going to a million other people. 

No worries though, it's pretty easy to opt out. Like with all other auto reply messages, just text “STOP” to end your fake friendship with them.

That’s a bad friend gif T.Kyle

So if you’re looking for a quick study break and are willing to roll the dice at possibly being noticed by one of your favorite celebs, give it a go:

Post Malone: 817-270-6440

Kerry Washington: 718-400-7118 

Jennifer Lopez: 305-690-0379

Alex Rodriguez: 305-690-0485

John Legend: 310-300-1971

Diddy: 917-746-1444

Ashton Kutcher: 319-519-0576