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What Girls Want Guys To Know…

As of recently, I really have been noticing how guys interact with girls, specifically guys in college. There are certain expectations that one might have while coming to college and the relationships that will form with both genders; however, it is not everyday that we get to highlight certain aspects of the social culture between guys and girls. Talking with multiple girlfriends of mine, I have come across a few things that dominate how guys treat/talk to girls. To all the guys who read this, I firmly believe that these tips that follow, will help you get the girl that you want, plus it will definitely improve your relationships with your girl friends. Us girls love you guys, but there are also a few things that we want you to know…

1. We enjoy food as much as the next person. We absolutely do not and should not have to hide our true love for food…because food is beautiful and I’m sure we all have that in common.

2. We may or may not be funny, but if you want us to like you… laugh at our jokes. You will never, never go wrong if you laugh at our jokes. We like to think we are hilarious so please make us feel like we actually are. 

3. Booty calls at 1 a.m., not appreciated (just trying to help you out… don’t send that late night text, it is kind of demeaning). AND we know what it means… you are not sneaky and we are very smart. But there are always exceptions, and if this is the normal relationship that you have with this girl, you do you bro!

4. If you really want to impress us, dance with us. We are dorks at heart and if we happen to be breaking it down on the dance floor, come join and let loose. You don’t have to act like you’re too cool — if anything that’s a turn off, tbh.

5. We thoroughly enjoy cuddling. Sometimes that is all we want to do. Do not question us when we want to snuggle… just let it happen.

6. If it is the dead of winter, don’t expect us to shave our legs. We get lazy at times too. So do not make us feel bad if we forget or just didn’t do it. 

7. If you are in a fraternity, or even if you are not in one… do not lie to us about your aquarium that is upstairs in your bedroom. (True story, that did happen and there was no aquarium.) We do not like to be lied to, especially if it is only for your well-being. Common sense buddy. 

8. And if we do catch you lying, you will be given some attitude (giving you a heads up). We will get out of that situation and you will be left alone. :/  

9. But the truth about lying is that we both do it. So my apologies about that — we are all human after all.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

10. Easy way into any girl’s heart: compliment her!!! Literally anything, and you will instantly be on our good side, I promise you. Compliments make us feel good and will make us as happy as Bey is in this GIF below. 

11. If you buy us a drink, that does not mean we owe you anything. ANYTHING at all. That was very kind of you to do that, but dude, we only see that as a nice gesture, that’s it. As the show Girl Code puts it perfectly….

12. OK, best advice ever: if you like a girl, tell her. It’s dumb to keep beating around the bush! You only live once. Don’t be afraid to tell her how you feel. If you don’t, the relationship will just get messier and messier. We are not perfect and honestly a little dirt doesn’t phase us; however, you will need to take this risky step. 

13. If you have ever watched The Office, then you know as well as I do that Jim and Pam will always be relationship goals. And that with them, chivalry is not and will never be dead. Make us feel important in your life. 

I know that not all of these things apply to every single guy, but if theres anything that us girls want you guys to know, it’s that we are not that scary. And honestly, we think you boys are much more confusing than us….and I already know that we will have to agree to disagree on that one. But the main reason I wrote this is because my best friend went on a date the other night and I freaked out when I walked her down to meet him… and he got out of his car and opened the door for her! I was amazed and forgot that was even a thing. I was so surprised and I wanted to make sure that boys everywhere knew how much the little things mean to us girls. I appreciate all the guys in my life and I definitely could not live without them! 

Just a girl from Wisconsin living in Kansas. I thoroughly enjoy chocolate, early 2000's music, and anyone with a Michael Scott sense of humor.
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