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What is a pet peeve? 


A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly irritating to them, to a greater degree than would be expected backed on the experience of others. 


I believe everyone has multiple pet peeves in their life. No matter how big or small they are, everyone has some that really grind their gears. 


We were able to do a writing exercise in our meeting last week and our Writing Director, Kelli, asked us various questions. She wanted us to write as much as we could and one question we had to answer was “What makes you angry?” After hearing this, I began to rant because I had so much boiled up inside of me. When we finished the exercise, I realized I kept a lot of things to myself and my pet peeves were a huge part of them. 


I think a lot of people have similar pet peeves and I wanted to share my unique ones that people may not have. 


I have some pet peeves people may also have and I do have some unusual ones that I wanted to share them down below! I’m curious if you guys have the same ones as me and hope you can sympathize with me. 


Pet Peeves by Category



  1. Hearing people slurp soup or noodles during meal (this is one of my unusual ones) 

  2. Hearing people chew their gum obnoxiously 

  3. Coming inside a building and hearing people’s shoes squeak from being wet from the rain

  4. Hearing tapping and clicking from nails and pens during class

  5. Hearing people whisper to each other (this is one of my unusual ones) 

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  1. Sending a structured and nice email and receiving the response, “Okay.” 

  2. Receiving texts saying “okay” or “ok” because it feels like I said something wrong or offensive (Some of my friends just text like this but when it's out of the blue, I sense there’s something wrong) 

  3. Getting left on read in the middle of the conversation (especially when I can see they opened or read my message) 

My biggest (and weirdest) pet peeve through text is receiving the abbreviation “LOL” when it's not funny, necessary, or not related to the topic (this is one of my unusual ones). This is my unusual pet peeve because a lot of people use this when they think it's funny or because the conversation got awkward but I’ve received “LOL” when it's out of the blue, not really necessary, and not relevant in the conversation. 

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  1. People not covering their mouths when they cough or sneeze 

  2. Getting interrupted in a conversation when you’re in the middle of talking 

  3. People not knowing how to merge or go the speed limit on the highway (this annoys me the most because these cause traffic) 

  4. Slow walkers

  5. Hearing someone lie and being dishonest to my face 

  6. The feeling of being late to everything 

  7. People taking my food before I even touch my meal (this is one of my unusual ones) 

  8. Hearing excuses 

  9. Being interrupted when listening to something through headphones

  10. When people ask the same questions that were just answered in groupchats 

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I don’t know if some of you have similar pet peeves as me but those are the biggest ones I could list. I hope some of you could sympathize with me with some pet peeves from the lists. I hope people could be more considerate towards each other and realize some small actions could really affect other people. Also, I hope you can rant through writing whenever something’s on your mind. Writing things down definitely helps me destress and you never know, ranting through paper could make you feel a lot better!

Hi, I'm Wonbin Park. I'm currently a senior studying Journalism and Photography major at the University of Kansas. I have a passion for photography and writing and hope to become a photojournalist in the future! My hobbies include photography, drinking coffee, watching K-Dramas with my friends and family!
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