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Warm Weather Date Ideas

If you’re anything like my boyfriend and I, you spend a few weekends a month sitting at home, unable to decide what to do. You don’t want to fork over the big bucks for a fancy dinner, but you also aren’t looking to stay at home another night watching “Blades of Glory” for the fifth time., especially with summer coming up there won’t be a whole lot happening in Lawrence. So here are some warm-weather date ideas you might not have tried!

  1. Clinton Lake- You probably don’t have a boat, but Clinton Lake is a gorgeous place to hike, swim and have a bonfire. It’s a great place to spend a whole day with your boo. You can even make it a double or triple date with your friends!
  1. Ice Cream Hopping- There are several ice cream shops in Lawrence, and they ALL give free samples, so why not try it all? Head to Mass and grab samples from Sylas and Maddy’s, TCBY, Billy Vanilly (okay, so technically not ice cream…). Grab a double to share of your favorite and go on over to South Park for a walk.


  1. Museum Day- On campus alone we have TWO free museums (Spencer Art and Natural History) that are a great way to learn something and start feeling cultured. Maybe go to an art opening and see if you can score some free food. Either way, this is a classy, inexpensive date that can take up a lot of the day!



  1. Volunteer- One great way to feel good about yourselves is helping others, and there are a ton of ways you can volunteer here in Lawrence. A great place to look is with Center for Community Outreach! They have year-round volunteer opportunities that you can look into without any training. You can also contact the local community shelter or the Humane Society.


  1. Visit the Humane Society- If you don’t have time to volunteer, a quick outing at the Lawrence Humane Society can always be fun. What’s better than playing with puppies and kitties? Doing it with your boyfriend that’s what! And who knows, maybe you’ll even find a new best friend to take home!


  1. SUA Events- Check out one of these free, or at least super inexpensive, dates! From movies to concerts to tournaments, SUA always has something to offer. Need a place to be on Stop Day? Check out the Bad Rabbits concert at the Bottleneck. Want to see a cheap movie? Gangster Squad will be showing for only $2 at Woodruff Auditorium May 3-5. Maybe even try some free cosmic bowling some night! You can find all their other great events at their website!
Laura Lyndall Fagen is a junior at the University of Kansas majoring in Strategic Communications and Theater. She is a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters and loves all things volunteering.
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