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Valentine’s Playlist… Or Nah?

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is a double-edged sword. For those lucky enough to be in relationships, it’s maybe the one night a year your significant other has to step up to the plate and actually be romantic. Wine, chocolate, rose petals and cuddles? Who doesn’t want a holiday centered around that? Answer: no one.

Well, except us single people. You know why? Because we’re bitter. But it’s fine, whatever. Who needs a committed relationship, amirite ladies? We’re totally fine on our own. In fact, we’re BETTER alone. We can eat when we want, have time to hang out with our other single friends and sing as off key as we’d like to the best girl power hits.

Luckily, I’ve got you covered with a playlist for both types of women this Anti-Independence day. For you committed cuties, and even the single ladies who are hopeless romantics, I give you the fluffiest most heart-warming mix of modern day love songs I can find. And for those of you who will be celebrating post-Valentines day by hitting up Target for all the discounted candy and binge-watching all 10 episodes of Making A Murderer? I’ve got a little something for you, too. 

Valentine: A playlist of love songs you want to scream from the rooftops or dance to in a field of flowers.

Independent: A playlist for dancing crazy in your car or listening to on your iPod while perusing sale candy.

Photo Credit to Andie Puppy and WeHeartIt

Hannah Strader graduated from the University of Kansas in December 2018 with a degree in journalism and creative writing. She has past experience as both a writer and editor for high school and collegiate level newspaper staff and spent the summer of 2017 in London working with Healthista, an online women's health magazine. Her passions include but are not limited to Harry Styles, Taco Bell, witchcraft and books. She has two cats and can recite all the U.S. presidents in order. She's proud to call herself a Her Campus alumni. Formerly the Editor in Chief, Senior Editor, and staff writer at Her Campus KU.
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