Trump's Disparaging Words

“Grab them by the p***y.”

These disgustingly lewd words are pulled from a 2005 video that resurfaced yesterday. This video is of our nation’s Republican nominee for President of the United States. It is of Donald Trump, the man that during his candidacy has repeatedly uttered misogynistic, racist, and otherwise deplorable statements that overall have not had an impact on his standing in the election. However, the leaked footage that also included Trump discussing trying to “f***” married women is garnering more attention than incidents prior. Why? Because the women that he is talking about are you and me. It is your grandmother. It is your aunt. It is your sister in law’s baby on the way. It is women in general, a group of people that in this tape alone have been degraded to sex objects subject to vulgarity.

Both women and men across the globe have acknowledged the issue, mostly in complete condemnation of the video. His family, supportive of him throughout the past several months, has not spent much time in the press discussing what was released. However, his language must take a toll on the children, especially Tiffany and Ivanka, who are both successful women. To hear your own father say such disrespectful words would challenge the views of their father. To hear the words from your husband would be displeasing on a different level. "The words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me," Melania Trump, said in a statement, confirming the unjustifiable nature of his remarks. 

The media is not the only place the footage has heard negativity. Although Trump has gotten into a little bit of hot water throughout the election season, this is the single most incriminating evidence of a lack of civility. Republican leaders across the board have since spoken out about the disgrace for Trump that they have, and many have completely withdrawn their vote for the candidate, instead saying that they will vote for Mike Pence, the Republican vice president nominee. The withdrawal of support confirms the severity and mass impact of the video. The reactions of GOP leaders are big steps in deterring Trump from support that he may have otherwise received; but, we must watch how much the public's mindset changes. Will his followers continue to show support for him, or will his eleven year old slander be the end of the road? 

Sources: Washington Post, CNN