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Trendy Formal Dress Boutiques To Ease Your Mind

[bf_image id="b5fqgx2qcx2gtpcsscf42rms"] Things are finally on track to back to normal life! In a normal spring semester, if you are involved in Greek Life, this means formal season. Luckily, some of the sororities and fraternities are allowed to have their annual formals. That’s right, it is time to go formal dress hunting. 

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I am the most indecisive person when it comes to finding a dress for an important event. I have been searching day-in and day-out for the perfect formal dress. I think that I have actually been on every dress website to ever exist. I was even on dress websites based out of Brazil…  I have spent countless hours googling dress shops. I’ve also gone through many influencers’ social media accounts clicking on every clothing website they’ve ever tagged. For me, this was stressful and tiresome, but I was determined.

Fortunately for you, I’ve done all of your dirty work. Below is a list of the most promising dress shops I have found. This should make your hunt a bit easier for you. A few of my favorite websites listed are from the UK and Australia. Make sure you check where the shop is from so you can time it right for the formal date. The list is not in any particular order.

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  1. Xenia Boutique

  2. Hello Molly

  3. Baby Boo Fashion

  4. Beginning Boutique

  5. Zara

  6. Oh Polly

  7. Pretty Little Thing

  8. White Fox Boutique

  9. Top Shop

  10. ASOS

  11. Verge Girl

  12. That’s So Fetch

  13. Selfie Leslie

  14. Windsor

  15. Extra Doll

  16. Petal and Pup

  17. Her Empire

  18. Sage + Paige

  19. Princess Polly

  20. Lucy In The Sky

I hope that you can find your perfect dress stress-free!

I am a sophomore at the University of Kansas studying Strategic Communications and Journalism. I am very interested in beauty, fashion, and trends! This page will most likely be mostly about those things, but I'm sure that I will throw some more stuff into the mix.
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