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Top People/Character Profiles That Match Each Myers-Briggs Personality

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

The Myers-Briggs is a personality match that fits how certain people think and do different things. There are 16 personalities in total, all meaning different things. Here, I’m exploring all 16 Myers-Briggs personalities and the top person/character that has been voted on in matching the personalities. I just took the top person/character that showed up at the top of the page for this, so head to the website linked at the bottom of the website to see more people who match your personality type!

To find out your personality type if you don’t already know, you can take it at these websites!




Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on any of this, as I got my information from 16personalities.com and Personalities-Database.com. Please refer to those websites for more information!


INTJ “Architect”

The Architect always have a plan, are strategic thinkers, and quite imaginative. You might be complex, but that’s because you are thoughtful and very analytic of the world. 

The top match for INTJ is Elon Musk. Many know him as the creator of Tesla, and he is a very hard worker, a smart person, and is always ready to create and plan new things.   


INTP “Logician”

INTP is always ready to learn and have quite a thirst for knowledge. They are innovative inventors and considered very intuitive. 

For INTP, the top profile is Sherlock Holmes. This profile is very mixed as well with the comments, but many agree that he could be many other profiles. But overall, he is smart, always full of knowledge, and ready to learn about new cases. 


ENTJ “Commander”

Commanders, you always find a way with your bold and imaginative ways. You do not hesitate and love to accomplish your goals. 

Light Yagami from the anime Death Note is the top profile for ENTJ. He might be considered the bad guy, but by many, he is a very smart individual who is ready to complete his goals no matter what. 


ENTP “Debater”

You love an intellectual challenge, as ENTPs are very curious and smart thinkers. You are bold and creative, always read to build and challenge ideas.

For the Debaters, Felix Kjellberg is your top profile. You might better know him as PewDiePie. Many agree that Felix is more introverted, but as a prosperous, creative YouTuber, PewDiePie is an ENTP. 

Unsplash/ NorWood Themes


INFJ “Advocate”

You might be introverted and quiet, but you are very inspiring and very idealistic. You are guided by your inner vision and values, and you feel quite deeply. 

Elsa from Frozen is the top profile for the Advocates. Elsa has a strong inner vision of who she is, and she lets that guide her on her inspiring journey. 


INFP “Mediator”

Mediators are always ready to help others for a good cause. You are very kind and poetic people, very open-minded as well. 

From the well-known series Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood is the top match for INFP. She is king, loyal, and very open to all people and creatures. She’s always there to help Harry and her friends, just like how INFPs are ready to help their friends. 


ENFJ “Protagonist”

ENFJs, you are inspiring leaders who can charm anyone who listens. You like to help anyone because of your strong inner values and ideas, ready to try anything new to help.

The Queen of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones is your top profile. She is very helpful, strong in her beliefs, and a powerful leader, just like ENFJs. 

Clint Bustrillos


ENFP “Campaigner”

Campaigners are always ready to smile, as you are very enthusiastic and creative. Known as sociable free spirits, your goodwill flows towards those around you.

Avatar: The Last Airbender has come back this year, and Aang matches the ENFP profile. He attracts all people towards him with his enthusiastic, fun vibe. He has a free spirit, just like the Campaigners. 


ISTJ “Logistician”

Logisticians are very reliable, practical people. They believe in the facts with a very rational outlook, and always do things with a purpose.

Your top match is Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. His profile is very divided, but many agree that he matches the ISTP with his very factual outlook on the world.   


ISFJ “Defender”

The Defenders are just like their name, always ready to defend their loved ones. They are very loyal, dedicated, and warm people. You might be quiet, but you are very strong when it comes to those you love.

Captain America, one of the world’s most known superheroes. He is always ready to defend the ones he loves and is loyal to his beliefs, just like ISFJ Defenders. 


ESTJ “Executive”

You know how to manage people and things. ESTJ can get things done, as they are very sensible, stable people who offer good advice and direction.

Another Avatar: The Last Air Bender character, Sokka for the ESTJs. Sokka is a very reliable, support friend. His profile is highly debated as well, but many feel he fits with his extroverted, fun personality.   


ESFJ “Consul”

Consuls are very popular, caring people. They are social, always eager to help, attentive, and they know how to work a crowd. 

ESFJ, your top profile match is SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob is a very kind, attentive friend who loves his close friends. Many feel he perfectly matches the Consuls with her fun, loving personality. 


ISTP “Virtuoso”

ISTPs know how to work all tools, as well as being bold and practical experimenters. You have a lot of personal skills and want to learn more, as you are very curious and see the world through exploring.

From the anime Attack on Titan, the top profile match is Levi Ackerman. Levi is known as the strongest fighter who knows how to take down the titans. He is strong, bold, and ready to take on the world, just like ISTPs. 


ISFP “Adventurer”

You are ready for something new always, ready for the adventure. ISFPs are flexible, open-minded, and ready to approach a new life. 

I decided to do the second profile for ISFP since the first profile was very controversial. So for ISFP, the profile match is Billie Eilish. She is flexible and creative with her music, and for such a famous artist so young, she is already on such an adventurous life track. 

billie eilish award gif


ESFP “Entertainer”

You make life always fun and you are never boring to be around. Entertainers are spontaneous, fun, and very social beings. You love being around others. 

From the popular anime Naruto, the top profile for ESFP is Naruto himself. He is loving, open, fun, and very sociable, like most ESFPs. He always brings fun to the party and is quite spontaneous, fitting the Entertainer personality perfectly. 


ESTP “Entrepreneur”

ESTPs love living on the edge. You are ready for new opportunities either with others or personal. You are energetic and open. 

One of the top profiles for ESTP is Thor. This well-known superhero is strong, living on the edge, and open with new people. Just like other ESTPs, he is ready for new opportunities. 

Variety/Marvel Studios


All of these are for fun, so please don’t take anything too seriously! I hope you enjoyed looking through the personalities and top people/character types!


Here’s the website for the profile databases: https://www.personality-database.com/

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