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Top 5 Spotify Study Playlists To Get You Going For Finals Week

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The end of the semester is approaching, and with it, all of the assignments and tests known to humankind start to pop up more and more on our Canvas to-do list. 

If you’re anything like me, you like studying to some type of background noise but don’t always either have the option or want much human interaction. These playlists have helped me get into that focused mindset, and hopefully they’re of help to you too! 

  1. Your Favourite Coffeehouse

With this playlist, you can feel the energy of your favorite coffeehouse around you, so if you need to study, and are not really feeling up to socializing that day, give it a listen. 

  1. 4 Am. Study Session

The soothing instrumentals in this one will get you ready to focus and crush that study session no matter the time of day! 

  1. STUDY Cafe

Jazzy instrumentals. Need I say more? An amazing way to relax, and dare I say enjoy whatever project it is you’re working on today. 

  1. Classical Music For Studying

Now this one may not be for everyone, but as someone with a musical background, I cannot express clearly enough how calming these classical tunes are. I’ve written many an essay with the help of this playlist, and even if classical music isn’t your thing, give it a try! It just might surprise you. 

  1. Relaxing Night Rain

Admittedly, it might sound a bit odd, but sometimes music isn’t the way to go for me. I need ambient nature sounds to focus, and I’ve found that a rainy day vibe really gets me going into productive mode, who knows why? If this is you, here’s a perfect playlist filled with rain sounds just for you! Enjoy.

Hopefully, these five playlists can help you out on your journey this semester. It can be a stressful time of the year but on the bright side, it’s almost done! You’ve got this! 

Hi, I'm Giuliana, a junior at KU. Double majoring in journalism and psychology. I'm excited to share my stories with you!
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