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Top 5 Products Every Curly Girl Needs in Their Life

If you’ve grown up with curly hair, you know the everyday struggle. The frizz, tangles, and even more frizz are something we all deal with. Especially now with the weather changes and cute beanie season, our curls are about to get DRY. Over the years of dealing with this myself, here are 5 products that are ride or dies throughout this winter season.


1. DevaCurl No Poo Cleanser


While DevaCurl products are more on the expensive side, this shampoo is SO worth it. It is a sulfate free formula, which means it won’t bubble up on your head. While that might be a weird feeling at first, sulfates are actually awful for curly hair. Using sulfates on curly hair is essentially the same thing as using dish soap on your hair since they both contain these chemicals. The No Poo cleanser cleans your hair while also adding a needed layer of moisture.


2. Garnier Fructis Style Curl Sculpt Conditioning Cream Gel


I absolutely LOVE the formula of this cream gel. If you are looking for some support for your curls without the crunchiness of a gel, then this is perfect. It combines the holding powers of keeping a curl in place with the softness of a cream. It leaves your hair perfectly soft and defined at the same time.  


3. Microfiber hair towel


Microfiber hair towels are an absolute necessity for curly girls! Using a regular towel to dry your hair actually strips curly hair of natural oils needed to fight frizz. The microfiber creates less friction against your natural curl pattern and will prevent the drying and breakage.   


4. Lavender Spray



Lavender Spray is one of my personal favorite secret tips for curly hair. While the smell of lavender has calming effects for our body, it does the same for our hair. Spraying just a little bit of a product or a DIY mixture can help fight the frizz that you get throughout the day. Keep some in your backpack and you’ll be set!


5. Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk



Not only is this product amazing for curly hair, but the whole brand is. The brand uses all natural ingredients including coconut milk, which curly hair will literally eat up. This specific leave-in conditioner will help to detangle and leave your hair super swingy and fresh all day long.  


Remember, the best thing you can do to your curls is to give them confidence. Just rock them, frizz and all!

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