Top 5 Movies to Catch That Summer Mood

If you are like me at this point in the semester, you might find yourself covered in stacks of tasks, homework assignments, and everything in between. However, what's getting me through all of the stress that comes with the final month of school is the light at the end of the tunnel. May 17th is quickly approaching and with it is the summer. So to help all of us get into that summer mood, I have composed a list of 5 movies that remind me of how great summer truly is, and may be your lifeline in the next month.


1) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986):

A movie that was made twelve whole years before I was born, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  is one that is still watched and praised today. Between skipping class, the city adventures, the sexy red convertible…. It all screams freedom. You know, the kind that can only be described in real life as you walk out of your final test of the semester and into your 2008 Honda Civic, as you drive with the windows down listening to “Old Country Road the Billy Ray Cyrus remix”. Summer vibes, man.

2) Mamma Mia! (2008):

Did you think that one of my favorite movies of all time wouldn't make this list? Mamma Mia! has everything that all of us are looking for in a summer break. From the gorgeous beach, Greece tropical scenery, rustic resort, sarcastic friends, and romance. This movie has all the boxes checked, and then some. Oh, and how could I forget about the hunt for your dream daddy? Also, Meryl Streep is my godmother by self selection, end of story.

3) The Parent Trap (1998):

The Parent Trap is one of those movies that is hard to not include in any list. Growing up, whenever this movie was on TV, it was required to stay on. Although, a lot of the scenes are not relatable so much, it was still so fun to watch how a set of twins meet at camp and switch lives to get to know their other parent. The writing and storyline behind this is quite great. Also, if you're a Lindsey Lohan fan I recommend, because this is about 10 or so years before she was on crack (I am a Lindsey fan regardless, take me to Mykonos, queen!)

4) Grease (1978):

The late 70’s and early 80’s must have been an interesting time to be a teenager, as I'm sure my parents would like to tell me for the fifteenth time. However, this movie has withstood the test of time, and has played a role in teenage girls' lives since Gen X. Still to this day, it can be found on streaming apps as well as popular television channels such as FreeForm and Hulu. Grease has held true through all these years, and a must watch this summer for catchy beats.

5) The Sandlot (1993):

I am starting to think all of the good movies were made before I was born. However, The Sandlot was one of those movies that never got old.  The perfect mix of the narrative style of storytelling, as well as surprising acting from prepubescent boys, I guess you end up with a quality baseball movie. And the Wendy Peffercorn scene will always be iconic forever.

Hopefully your summer dreams can come true, or at least for an hour and a half during any of the above movies until then.