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Top 10 KU Twitter Handles to Follow

Jayhawks, it’s time to enter the KU Twitterverse. The beginning of the school year is always a little crazy with chasing down the best book deals, moving to your new humble abode, finding your classes, and just getting prepped for another semester. Needless to say, making time to find events of interest to you falls off the radar pretty quickly. Have no fear! KU has a bunch of Twitter accounts that you can follow to stay up-to-date with events, current news on campus, and special Jayhawk deals. Be sure to follow these handles and you will get your info without even trying.

@KUNews Anything and everything Jayhawk-related is tweeted and retweeted by this account. You will hear all about the latest textbook deals, next club event or what’s going on at the recreation center.

@suaevents Student Union Activities is a programming board at KU. SUA will keep you in the loop with all special events happening at KU, whether it is a charity fundraiser or 5K.

@KUCampus Want to know the campus gossip? Follow this Twitter handle for weird, interesting, and sometimes awkward things that happen on Jayhawk grounds.

@UDK_News The campus newspaper is a must-follow. The University Daily Kansan will send out stories from the paper as well as breaking news, so read up!

@KUAthletics Kansas sports (ahem, KU basketball) will be covered in the athletics realm. Get the latest on sports results, game updates and athlete info!

@KURSFitness KU’s recreation center includes group fit classes, personal training, intramural sports and much more. The rec will post schedule changes, awesome fit pass deals, and other sports/fitness-y related news.

@KUSenate It’s important to know about the school government and the decisions being made that affect you as a student. Follow the KU Senate for updates about the latest events, ways to get involved, and how to make your voice heard.

@KUBookstore Yes, this might not be the most exciting out of all of the Twitters out there in Jayhawk Twittersphere, but hey, you could save tons of textbook money by checking it. It sends out tweets when specific books arrive, new deals, and online textbook info.

@KULibraries Access and info to the endless collection of the latest resources and books on campus! Tweet for assistance!

@KUAdvising These tweets will benefit your future career success. Seriously, KU advising wants to get you the necessary info to help you make informed decisions regarding classes, internships and beyond.  

Maggie is a rising senior at the University of Kansas majoring in journalism. She has interned at Parents magazine and Glamour magazine and hopes to land an editing position someday. Maggie founded a health and fitness website called Get Fit Get Life and she is a personal trainer. She doesn't go a day without an iced coffee with a splash of almond milk!
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