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The Struggles of Being a Double Major during Finals Season

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No one ever tells you exactly how hard it is to have not one but two majors during your college years; I was always told what an accomplishment it would be once it was over, and it will be in time. But for now, here are some of the top five struggles I’ve dealt with in my three years as a double major. 

  1. Getting dates confused. 
  • “When was that paper due? Monday? No, wait! That’s the test date!” That’s what my inner dialogue consists of on a daily basis. I’m constantly trying to figure out if things I thought were due today are actually due today or a week from now. (Don’t even get me started on class schedules. There are times I walk toward one building for 10 minutes only to realize once I’m there that the class wasn’t actually there, that’s another class’s building)
  1. Extensions
  • I’ve run out of ways to even formulate an email asking for extensions on certain assignments. The amount of times I’ve had three or more assignments due in a day is not funny anymore. The Audacity! 
  1. Did we even have a final? Or was it just a project? 
  • I’m not kidding when I say I’ve legitimately had to stare at my to-do list for minutes trying to figure out if that project that’s due is the only thing to turn in or if there’s also a final. Sometimes the answer is neither (and that’s an amazing day). 
  1. Are four years enough? 
  • More and more I’m starting to doubt that it’s even possible to finish two majors in four years. Is it worth it to extend one more semester or year? Honestly, if the answer means you’ll be less stressed and have more time to actually learn everything you’ve set out to, then the answer is probably yes, totally worth it! 
  1. Free time who? I don’t know her.
  • Double majoring plus a job means you truly have no time to even breathe in the wrong direction. I can’t even remember the last time I had time just to relax (excluding my scheduled nap times, that’s right: scheduled!). 

It’s a journey, truly, and there are days where it seems pointless but then you’ve just gotta picture your life the way you’ve planned it out, how satisfying it will be to finish everything you’ve set out to do and suddenly every problem along the way doesn’t seem like much of a loss. One thing’s for sure, no partying is happening until then! Got that paper due! Or was it a test? Who even knows anymore. 

Hi, I'm Giuliana, a junior at KU. Double majoring in journalism and psychology. I'm excited to share my stories with you!