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Happy Thanksgiving! Well Happy almost Thanksgiving! I know this holiday gets overlooked a lot because of Christmas. Not going to lie Christmas is my favorite holiday by far, but I can also appreciate Thanksgiving. It’s a day filled with friends, family, and of course delicious food. My family was never big on going around the table and saying what we are thankful for. I think that is a tradition we should really set. Anyways, I am here today to tell you about one Thanksgiving in particular. The Thanksgiving I was traumatized by.

Okay, that got really dark really quick. I wasn’t actually traumatized. Well, if you count not eating turkey for a straight 10 years after as being traumatized then yes, I was. It was a cold Thanksgiving Day. I was playing outside with my cousins. Back then, we all got along well even though I was younger than them. We played in the leaves, passed around the football, and just had a good time. However, I didn’t know they were also partly stalling me. Stalling me from what? Oh, just you wait.

When it got too cold and my entire body was shaking, I decided to go inside to see how the adults were doing since they were making all the food. My mom was in charge of preparing the turkey. Her and my other family members decided to pull a little prank on me. She was stuffing the turkey as one does. When I walked inside and said hi to her, she picked the turkey up with her hand stuck inside and screamed like someone was murdering her. She pretended that the turkey was eating her hand. Now, I was like 5 or 6 at the time— I honestly can’t remember. So, my little mind thought the turkey was eating my mother so in return, I screamed and instantly started bawling. I can’t quite remember if I ran out of the room or just stood there in fear.

All my family members started to laugh— I do remember that. I remember getting mad at them for laughing. Like clearly my mom was being gobbled up by a turkey. My mom felt bad, so she took her hand out of the turkey and showed me she was fine. She scooped me up in her arms and coddled me. I had no clue what was going on and frankly I didn’t want to know. I did not eat turkey at all that day or for the next 10 years…now I do though. Conquered that fear. That is my little story time for Thanksgiving. Hopefully it made you laugh or just gave you something entertaining to read. As always, have an amazing day and a joyful Thanksgiving. Now go stuff your faces with some food and reach for the stars!

Hi! I am Madison and I am a freshman at Ku! I am a Journalism major with a double minor in psychology and photography. I like writing about life whether it is about experiences or advice to others! I love music, reading, and just having fun with friends. Reach for the stars!