Taylor Swift is “The Man”


Taylor Swift has proved herself to be “The Man” time and time again in her now about 13 years in the music industry, from countless Grammy Awards, to transcending the genres of pop and country, and selling out stadium tours. 

At the end of August, Taylor gifted us with her 7th studio album entitled “Lover”. It is no surprise that it’s debut has already made Billboard 200 history, as she ties for the most number one album debuts in a row among women. 


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“Lover” is also the first of her albums she has made fully available on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, at the same time of its being posted for sale, which resulted in the second largest streaming week for an album by a woman ever!! Taylor Swift’s musical evolution is truly the gift that keeps on giving. 


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The album’s 18 tracks (Yes, EIGHTEEN. Yes, I am on the floor too) tell a story as she describes it, of the endless array of “colors” love presents. 

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In listening to it, I personally felt the “colors” of love to be reflected as endearing (“It’s Nice To Have A Friend”), nostalgic (“Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince”), unconditional ("Lover"), heart-wrenching (“Cruel Summer” & “Death By A Thousand Cuts”), and flirtatious (“I Think He Knows” & “London Boy”). 

But one of my favorite tracks, & one that I think is most indicative of Taylor’s career and spotlight in the music industry as a woman is a track entitled “The Man”. 

It doesn’t take a die-hard Swiftie to know that Taylor Swift has constantly been shamed and ridiculed in the media for her “endless ex-lovers” (which she addresses so beautifully in “Blank Space” on her album “1989”) and being accused of solely writing about boys and her breakups.

Taylor has addressed this time and time again and the frustration she has with the double standard of men and women in the music industry in general, particularly in writing about breakups and past relationships.

Taylor tells GMA, “A man does something it’s strategic, a woman does something it’s calculated. A man is allowed to react, a woman can only overreact.”

Thinking to her male counterparts such as Ed Sheeran and Drake (though of different genres respectively), the two men write about heartbreak and their past relationships, as well as their ex-lovers quite often, but have you ever heard them being shamed for writing about girls?

Have you heard Drake described as the “crazy ex boyfriend” for calling out his ex-girl’s flaws and the failure of a relationship?

Taylor has been labeled as dramatic, overly-attached, and “boy crazy”. On Taylor Swift’s “The Man”, the lyrics discuss her fascination with the fact being if she were a man in the music industry doing what she does now, it wouldn’t be questioned how much of her earnings she deserved. 


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She elaborates that she would be “complex and cool”, and they [the media] would say “she played the field before she found someone to commit to”. 

"[She'd] be a fearless leader, an alpha type”, and asks “When everyone believes you, what’s that like?” The chorus contributes the main idea that Taylor reiterates, that she is “sick and tired of running as fast as she can”, “wondering if [she’d] get there quicker if she [were] a man”. 

“The Man” should encompass someone who does their own work, puts in the effort, and thus with no question deserves every ounce of their success.Image result for taylor swift gif

Taylor Swift is a powerful woman, but more so than ever, Taylor Swift knows she IS “The Man”. 


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