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As the end of the semester approaches, assignments, tests and deadlines are quickly approaching. Where has the semester gone? Take a walk across campus with me to destress for a moment and enjoy all the aspects of KU we’ve all come to love. 

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Let’s start our journey right at the heart of KU, The Kansas Memorial Union. Take a moment to admire the different mascots we’ve had over the years, the history that’s been deeply ingrained in our bones from the moment we became Jayhawks.

Let your eye wander through the plaza, right to the magnificent view of the Campanile. Depending on the time of day you can see the sun and its shadows cast almost an ethereal glow over the bell; let it guide you to our next destination. 

Let’s walk through Marvin Grove together and enjoy all the wonderful noises of nature surrounding you, the squirrels and birds and autumn leaves crunching as you walk. Feel the chilly fall breeze fan over your face, making you feel the cold but grounding you in the here and now. Enjoy this park and its gentle welcoming atmosphere. Let it guide you up the hill to the Campanile. 

Whether it’s your first year or last, picture yourself there, an era ending, walking beneath it with friends who are just as happy to have accomplished such a feat! You graduated! Or you will, soon. Be proud of yourself, you’re on the right path. You’re here and you’re trying every day, and that means everything. One day it’ll be your turn, and you’ll be able to look up at the sky, right here surrounded by friends and family, and yell out to the sky with joy because you’re a Jayhawk, and you’ve made it. 

Let’s go back to Jayhawk Boulevard down to Watson Library. Do you remember all those study sessions you took? All the hours you’ve spent figuring out homework, studying in groups or simply reading a good book under the quiet and calm atmosphere of the library? Picture it, let your mind go over all those moments, see your dedication for what it is, and be proud of yourself. Yes, exams are hard, homework sucks and sometimes it’s a never-ending battle with no end in sight, but remember your goal!

We’re almost done, let me take you to my favorite spot. 

Allen Fieldhouse, and no, I’m not a big basketball fan, and maybe you aren’t either and that’s okay. We’re not here for the sport, we’re here because this is where the magic happens. Where we unite under a single chant and become one, a family. No matter where you come from, or where you go from here, you are a Jayhawk. The struggles will be worth it in the end because of what you’ve gained here, this sense of community, of freedom, of exploring who you want to be, and all while becoming a professional in your field! That is who you are, that’s who we all are. 

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk! 

Hi, I'm Giuliana, a junior at KU. Double majoring in journalism and psychology. I'm excited to share my stories with you!
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