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Swifties … It’s Time for Red (Taylor’s Version)

CALLING ALL SWIFTIES!! Today is finally the day … Red (Taylor’s Version) will be out in five short hours. I went through a die-hard Red phase in sixth grade, about 10 years ago, and now I get to hear it all again for the first time?! After months of planning and daydreaming about the 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” I’ve finally decided what order I’ll be ~enjoying~ the album in. Here’s the first five songs I’ll be RUNNING to as soon as the clock strikes 11 p.m.

#1 – All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)

Okay, as cliche as this is, I simply won’t be able to enjoy the album until I get this out of the way. This song has been my all-time favorite since I was 11 years old … and now I get to hear it twice as long?! AND IT’S EXPLICIT?! I was hesitant to put this as number one because I have a feeling it’s going to wreck me, destroy me, rip me to shreds … etc. But the idea of a ten minute song is so exciting I have to get it out of the way first. 

#2 – Come Back…Be Here (Taylor’s Version)

Easily the best bonus track she’s ever released. This song is special to me because my first love and I listened to it together every time I would go out of town. We’re definitely on “All Too Well” terms now, but the memory still has a special place in my heart and for just a moment I’ll be able to cherish it again. Also, the bridge! It’s not her best song lyrically, but vocally it’s one of the best on the album. I can’t wait to hear how it sounds now that her voice is more mature.

#3 – Better Man (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)

This song has never been officially released, but I found it on Soundcloud a few month ago and have been obsessed ever since. I love when songs can describe exactly how I feel, and this song does exactly that. The breakup with said first love was extremely difficult to me, and the line “Sometimes in the middle of the night I can feel you again / But I just miss you and I just wish you were a better man” hits TOO close to home. Again, it’s not delicately poetic like some of her other songs, but that’s almost what I love the most about it. It’s simple but it still hits you where it hurts. 🤠.

#4 – State of Grace (Taylor’s Version)

Considering this is pretty low on the list, it may surprise you that this is actually my favorite song on the album! THIS is one of those songs where every single lyric was carefully crafted. It’s describing how two people found each other by chance and ended up falling in love, and although it’s scary it’s equally exciting. “State of Grace” also has one of my favorite lyrics in her discography, “So you were never a saint, and I’ve loved in shades of wrong / We learn to live with the pain / Mosaic broken hearts.” I first heard that when I was 10 or 11 and didn’t appreciate it until I was probably 17 or 18 … so it took a good 7ish years to really set in. It’s also her best album opener!

#5 – Holy Ground (Taylor’s Version)

“Holy Ground” is just so fun to listen to. You will definitely catch me dancing around my room like a teenager having the time of my life listening to it tonight. It’s dreamy, upbeat and makes you long for a picture-perfect love. It’ll probably be a good break from the other heart-wrenching songs on the album, too. 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan like me, or just a casual listener, I hope Red (Taylor’s Version) exceeds all of your expectations and makes you as happy as it makes me. Happy listening!

Hi! My name is Kaitlyn and I'm a sophomore at KU majoring in elementary education. I love to write poetry, paint, and I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan!
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