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Surviving Finals Week

It’s that time of year again…time for finals. And if you are anything like me, you probably dread that whole week dedicated to finals. Fortunately though, I have compiled some tips to help you survive those anxiety-ridden exams.

  • Write down deadlines

Mark your deadlines in a planner and check if any finals overlap or you have any schedules of conflict so you can get them resolved right away.

  • Plan a study schedule

While you have your planner out, write down when you are going to study for your finals and write any papers.

  • Talk to your professors

If you do not understand or are struggling with some concepts then meet with your professors.

  • Stay healthy

Eat healthy foods and get at least the recommended eight hours of sleep.

  • Study, study, study

Find a quiet and non-distracting place to study. Try not to study just the night before or you will just be cramming at the last minute. Also, quizzing a friend and having them quiz you can help if you are having trouble on your own.

  • Take breaks

Do not forget to take breaks from studying or you will just exhaust yourself. It is okay to go for a walk to watch a little bit of TV.

Good luck!

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