Summer Nail Inspiration

Summer is right around the corner, and one of the most festive things we can do to celebrate the season is nail polish! Whether it is a mani or a pedi, getting our nails done can be a group event, a time of bonding, or a way to show creative expression in the simplest of ways. The Ultimate Summer Pedicure: turn your toes into a canvas with these colorful prints. Have some fun with this pedicure! Rose Gold Chrome: these sleek and shiny nails will make the summer days by the pool even more cool!

Shiny Peach: This color is a mixture of cream, pink, and shiny colors, a blend that would make everyone on the beach jealous. 

Causal Stars: I love this casual color and the way the stars aren't overwhelming in size or proximity. These are perfect for everyday summer life. 


Rainbow Acrylics: These are one of the most unique and playful manicures in the industry, and if you're willing to ask your nail technician to put a different color on every nail, go for it!

Pink Jelly: These nails are on the up and coming rising trend, with a clear manicure and a light sparkling coat on top. 

Summer is the perfect time to express your sunshine joy, and these are the best manicures and pedicures to inspire your next appointment!