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Spring Cleaning, But Make it for Yourself

Alright, finally we have seen the light...quite literally though! The sun has been out and the beautiful weather has arrived! Do you ever feel like during the winter months it is harder for you to take care of yourself because your depression and anxiety increases? Well if so, it is totally normal! Seasonal Depression is a real thing that affects over 3 million a year!

Since spring is right around the corner I wanted to give some suggestions and tips on ways to help with kicking out that seasonal depression.  [bf_image id="qph5g79xthz4bmw8xhgkcx8"]

The first thing that I always do whenever I am sad or anxious is clean my room. It allows me to get organized which then allows me to work better. When you are cleaning your room open a window and get some fresh air and natural light in your room! This creates a very calm and serene atmosphere. Oh and of course, blast your music and sing while cleaning (this is necessary).  [bf_image id="9tqc27fh2b6rh4wp69ptxp9p"]

My next tip is journaling. I know everyone says to do it, but actually just try it. You don’t have to do it everyday, make a goal to maybe start with journaling twice a week and then build on that. Journaling is a way to word vomit all of your feelings and emotions onto paper. If you do not know where to start try writing about what makes you happy, how your day is going, etc.   [bf_image id="rfvq369qmf8vkq5qwtgh72n"]

My last tip is to go on a walk. The fresh air is something that really helps people clear their mind and get a fresh look at their problems. Being outside is also good for lowering your blood pressure and reducing stress! [bf_image id="qf6zhkkn6q7h3xwmrj2b5vpm"]


So let’s recap:

  1. Clean your room/ get organized 

  2. Journaling

  3. Get Outside


Remember that it is so important to take time yourself and to listen to how you are feeling and go off of what you need that day to make you happy!


Hi!My name is Evan Bail. I am a Junior at the University of Kansas! In my free time I love going on walks with my dog and spending time with my family and friends.
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